Our intelligent IP video solutions are helping retail organizations worldwide provide a safe and secure environment for their customers and employees. What’s more, retailers are taking advantage of our end-to-end offering to do much more with their video surveillance system, including:

  • Cutting losses from shrinkage and organized retail crime significantly using integrated video and point-of-sale (POS) transaction data
  • Speeding loss prevention investigations and outcomes through a combination of multiple search criteria, centralized search capabilities and high-quality video evidence
  • Monitoring operations remotely to improve store presentation, staffing levels and overall customer service
  • Reducing exposures to false liability claims, including slip-and-falls

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Total Wine & More

Superstore Wine Chain Adopts Hybrid Solution for Innovative Applications

“We installed IP cameras in the fulfillment rooms to capture images of shipping information and labels for proof of packaging and delivery. We want to be able to verify that a particular bottle with a particular vintage was packaged and shipped.”

Mark Ganter, Senior Project Manager, Total Wine & More
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NY Fries

New York Fries Franchise Operator Oversees Multiple Mall Locations

“We’re on the system every day. We turn it on in the morning to make sure our staff have shown up. If the lights are off when we turn on the computer at 9 a.m., it’s a bad sign, but it happens.”

John Bourada, New York Fries Franchisee
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Woolworths Ltd.

Australia’s Largest Retailer Opts for Bandwidth-Friendly Solution

“It’s important for us to show a benefit in terms of reduced shrinkage or fewer liability claims. We have to make a case for every dollar we spend on video surveillance equipment and if it’s not going to give us a benefit, there’s not much point in it.”

Darin Crofts, Loss Prevention Manager, Woolworths Ltd.
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Which products are they using?