Bus fleet and light rail worldwide rely on our mobile video surveillance solutions to maintain the highest security for passengers and staff, defend themselves against false liability claims, mitigate risks and ensure they can respond immediately to emergency situations.

With systems and software built to meet the unique needs of onboard environments, you’ll benefit from key features that improve operational efficiency and ensure high-quality video is always there when needed.

Wireless Downloading to Keep Your Fleet in Service

Take advantage of automated wireless extraction to retrieve onboard video as soon as vehicle enters a WLAN-equipped hotspot depot or station. The secure download is fast and efficient – providing you with the video you need and ensuring vehicles stay in service longer.

With our Mobile Solution, a one-hour clip from 6 cameras recorded at 4 fps, CIF resolution takes less than 5 minutes to download!


Tough Enough? You Bet!

You’ll enjoy unmatched reliability with our mobile digital video recorders. Ruggedized to withstand the most demanding mobile environments, these MDVRs are IP65 compliant and proven tough in onboard applications worldwide – as well as a few interesting tests of our own!

Software, Cameras, Peripherals – We’ve Got it All

With the March Networks mobile portfolio, you get a complete onboard system designed specifically for transportation environments. From mobile software that delivers real-time remote monitoring, video management and retrieval, to ruggedized DVRs, IP cameras and purpose-built peripherals – our end-to-end solutions deliver the security, false liability claims protection and operational efficiency you demand.


Mobile Family

“I didn’t think we’d ever reach this level of technology for a transit fleet. It’s quite astounding.”

John Neville, Technical Systems Supervisor, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada