Need a complete video surveillance solution that’s always reliable, easily managed and has the advanced capabilities you need to cut fraudulent losses? Look no further than our financial solution – proven in more than 450 banks and credit unions worldwide.

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Enterprise-Class Video Security

You can count on our end-to-end IP video solutions for high-definition video that’s always there when you need it, plus centralized video management software and search capabilities that let you reach across a few or thousands of sites in minutes. Designed for the specific needs of financial institutions, you get rock-solid reliability, and features that help you and your team enhance security, protect assets and operate more efficiently.

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Unparalleled Fraud Defense

Double your fraud defenses with our powerful Searchlight applications. These intelligent software tools integrate video with ATM/teller transaction information, vehicle license plate data and facial images – allowing you to conduct centralized searches across your entire organization. Searchlight helps you to reduce investigation times and costs, strengthen case evidence and cut fraudulent losses dramatically.

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Business Intelligence

Take advantage of additional video analytics to improve your operations, marketing and services – and build customer loyalty in the process. With options including People Counting, Queue Monitoring and Customer Dwell Time, you get valuable business intelligence from the video and data systems you already have in place.

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Cut Losses, Speed Fraud Investigations

Billions of dollars are lost each year to ATM skimming, cash trapping, cash harvesting and other fraudulent crimes.

Find out how Searchlight’s targeted video and data analytics reduce investigation costs and fraud losses substantially by helping detect and investigate crimes faster and stop them sooner.


“Applications that help us detect and respond to skimming attempts and other instances of fraud make a video surveillance system an even more powerful loss prevention tool.”

Mike Neugebauer, VP and Sr. Manager, Safety & Security, Fifth Third Bank

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Ranked the #1 supplier of video surveillance equipment in the Americas banking market

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