Put a face to ATM fraud.

Capture crystal-clear surveillance images at your bank machines with the world’s first self-contained ATM camera with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology.

Footage from the MegaPX ATM Camera

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What is your ATM not telling you?

Other covert cameras deliver dimly-lit video with subjects that are hard to see, or overexposed images washed out by bright sunlight. The MegaPX ATM Camera captures exceptionally clear HD video, with the right balance of lighting, thanks to its HDR technology.

Easy to use. Even easier to install.

The MegaPX ATM Camera is easy to install and stays where you mounted it. That’s because it was specifically designed for the inside of an ATM. Its robust mounting brackets lock the camera firmly into place, ensuring it doesn’t move, even during the regular door slams of the cash vaulting process. And, with the camera’s two lens options (2.8mm and 3.7mm pinhole), you’re guaranteed the perfect angle and field of view – every time.

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