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Stay close to your business – even during physical distancing

The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving and security and compliance regulations can be challenging, even at the best of times.

COVID-19 has forced business practices to change yet again, and the new normal can be hard to navigate. Watch our webcast to learn how we can help. As a global leader in IP video surveillance and business intelligence applications, March Networks helps businesses improve cannabis security, protect their assets and gather valuable insights that can enhance profitability. Some of the largest cannabis companies in the world are using our hosted solution that integrates high-definition video, POS transaction data and business analytics.

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In this webcast, you’ll learn about:

Man viewing cannabis dispensary remotely on his mobile phone

Monitoring new business policies remotely

With strict sanitation practices in place, remote video auditing can allow you to drill down on certain areas of your store to ensure employee compliance and cannabis security.

Man entering through a back doorway with detection of camera sensor

Keeping assets secure with real-time alerts

The intelligent analytics in our cameras will alert you if a person or vehicle is hanging outside your building for an unusual length of time or if someone has crossed into a restricted zone.

Complying with government rules on cannabis security

Our fully compliant video surveillance technology can help you ensure you’re adhering to all of the cannabis regulations in your region from seed-to-sale.

Featured speakers

Chris Jensen

Chris Jensen

Cannabis Market Manager,
March Networks

Eric Ryant

Eric Ryant

CEO, Entrepreneur & Multi-State Cannabis Operator

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