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What is March Networks CloudSight?

March Networks CloudSight is the industry’s first camera-to-cloud video surveillance service with real-time AI analytics and video-based business intelligence. This cutting-edge VSaaS solution offers security and beyond for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to enhance security, efficiency, and profitability through advanced surveillance technology – without needing on-premise servers or recorders.

March Networks CloudSight, with Searchlight Cloud, is ideally suited for small businesses who want all the convenience of cloud video combined with the power of loss prevention, and customer and operations metrics in easy-to-read dashboards and reports.

Key Features and Benefits

Five Camera Models

  • CS Series with basic analytics
  • CS+ Series featuring advanced analytics and deep search functionalities

Camera Models

Advanced Built-in Analytics

Leverage your video surveillance system for security and beyond with powerful analytics tools that provide actionable insights for operational efficiency, liability protection, and more.

CS+ Series Analytics

Includes essential analytics plus Deep Search functionalities:

  • Attribute Search: Use specific attributes (e.g. gender, age group, clothing or vehicle color, vehicle type) to quickly and accurately find the person or vehicle of interest.

  • Re-Search: Search for the person of interest and track their activities across all cameras in the system.

  • Profile Search: Upload face images or save face images from Deep Search to view a specific person quickly and efficiently.

CS Series Analytics

Includes essential analytics:

  • Intrusion Detection: Detects and triggers an alarm the moment a person or vehicle enters into a defined zone.

  • Loitering Detection: Notifies suspicious behavior around ATMs, stairwells, and school grounds. Identifies when people or vehicles remain in a defined zone longer than the user-defined time allows.

  • Tripwire Sets off an alarm when people or vehicles cross a virtual line.

  • Object Removal: Triggers an alarm if an object is removed from a user-defined zone.

  • Abandoned Object: Detects objects placed within a defined zone and triggers an alarm if the object remains in the zone longer than the user-defined time allows.

  • Scene Search: Search within a specific scene by using intrusion, line crossing, or loitering detection on recorded video.

  • Blocked Exit Detection: Helps businesses stay compliant with fire and safety regulations by sending real-time notifications when exit pathways are blocked.

Real-Time Alerts, Seamless Integration & Business Intelligence

March Networks CloudSight features real-time alerts and notifications via the March Networks CloudSight mobile app.

Now available on iOS App Store and Google Play!

Searchlight Cloud: Advanced Business Intelligence Platform

Integrating seamlessly with Searchlight Cloud, March Networks CloudSight allows SMBs to correlate transaction data with video for rapid search and proactive exception reporting. This integration is perfect for businesses using cloud-based POS systems like Square, Shopify, and Clover.

Searchlight Cloud is March Networks’ advanced business intelligence platform that enhances CloudSight’s surveillance capabilities by integrating video analytics with transactional data and operational insights. Together, they offer a comprehensive solution that transforms video surveillance into actionable intelligence, helping businesses optimize operations and improve customer experiences.

Transforming Data into Dashboards

  • Transactions linked to surveillance video
  • Real-time actionable intelligence via alerts
  • Tracking KPIs and incidents across all locations and over time for data-driven decision-making

Learn More about Searchlight Cloud

Easy Installation and Secure Access

March Networks CloudSight is a plug-and-play offering, with easy access to your video and analytics through your web browser and the CloudSight mobile app, ensuring you can monitor your business from anywhere, at any time.

March Networks CloudSight is secure and compliant, offering end-to-end data encryption and NDAA compliance.

Flexible Cloud Storage Options

CloudSight offers flexible storage solutions to meet your needs.

Internal video storage

30-days internal video storage

Cloud Storage Solutions

Extended Cloud Storage Solutions for 30, 60, 90, 180 and 365+ days

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to transform your surveillance capabilities and empower your business with real-time data analytics, March Networks CloudSight is for you.

Embrace the future of cloud-based intelligent video surveillance for SMBs with March Networks CloudSight: Security and Beyond.

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