Smart Video Surveillance Applications From the Field

When thinking about topics for our first blog, it only made sense to go to the customer experience for inspiration. It’s the people who use the technology that have the most important things to say about it, and often the best observations to make about the value of video surveillance to their organization.

Customer Service

Case in point. One of our larger retail customers shared an interesting statistic the other day. The organization is currently testing out some analytics, including loitering detection. The loss prevention manager mentioned that about 60% of the loitering alerts they’ve received have led to interactions with customers. He went on to say that sending an employee over immediately to offer customer service in response to an alert may have deterred a planned theft in some cases.  But more importantly, that proactive customer service has – in his view – resulted in sales that might not have occurred otherwise. What started as a loss prevention initiative now seems to hold as much promise as a tool the retailer can use to improve their customer experience and increase sales.

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