Gallagher Command Centre


  • Seamlessly incorporates video and alarms from March Networks recorders and displays them in Gallagher Command Centre (for users managing their NVRs with Command Enterprise)
  • Trigger video recording on motion, alarm or event configured in Gallagher Command Centre
March Networks 16 and 32-channel hybrid network video recorders, stacked on top of one another

The Gallagher plug-in integrates video and alarms from March Networks recorders into Gallagher Command Centre, providing organizations with a centralized video surveillance and access control solution. Users can view and manage their video from the Gallagher Command Centre interface, and configure recording on motion, alarms or other events for faster incident response and better risk management.

March Networks Products & Versions Supported

  • March Networks Recorders:
    • 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs and 9000 Series IP Recorders running Visual Intelligence Software 5.7.8 SP1 and higher
      * Users must be managing their recorders with March Networks Command Enterprise. 
  • Command Gallagher Plug-in v2.0
  • Command Gallagher Integration Service v.2.0

Gallagher Version Supported:

  • Gallagher Command Centre 7.1.157
  • Gallagher Command Centre Controller API 7.0.17

Who supplies this product?

  • Plug-in and licensing provided by March Networks.
  • Please contact the access control provider to learn their licensing requirements.
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