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Graphical Management System and PACOM Unison


  • One-click access to live and recorded video from the 8000 Series and 9000 Series recorders through the GMS and Unison software interfaces
  • Support for interactive site maps and live-streaming options
  • Point-and-click PTZ camera controls

This certified integration provides security professionals with convenient, one-click access to live or recorded March Networks video directly in the GMS software interface.  Operators can easily add surveillance camera icons to GMS and Unison interactive site maps, and then simply select an icon to live stream video from the March Networks system to any workstation. Other features include point-and-click PTZ camera controls and the ability to retrieve recorded video via GMS and Unison transaction logs.

March Networks Products & Versions Supported

  • March Networks 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs (v5.6+) and 9000 Series IP Recorders

PACOM Version Supported:

  • PACOM Graphical Management System (GMS) Version 4.07

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