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The AI4 IR Dome


  • 4MP resolution for crystal-clear images
  • Cost-effective
  • AI-enabled security analytics for accurately detecting incidents, such as intrusion detection, tripwire, face detection, crowd detection, etc.
  • Outdoor-rated, built-in IR LEDs for Smart IR Illumination

Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

March Networks’ AI4 IR Dome delivers crystal-clear 4MP resolution and next-generation security analytics powered by AI for the most accurate detection of people and vehicles. All eight of the camera’s analytics can be easily setup and visualized in our Command Client software. The analytics come pre-loaded in your camera and can be accessed without any additional licenses. Choose from the following at no extra cost:

  • Abandoned Object: Detects objects placed within a defined zone and triggers an alarm if the object remains in the zone longer than the user-defined time allows.

  • Object Removal: Triggers an alarm if an object is removed from a user-defined zone.

  • Loitering Detection: Notifies suspicious behavior around ATMs, stairwells, and school grounds. Identifies when people or vehicles remain in a defined zone longer than the user-defined time allows.

  • Tripwire Alarm: Sets off an alarm when people or vehicles cross a virtual line.

  • Stopped Vehicle: Sends visual alerts in real time about customers arriving for curbside pick up or about vehicles parked in a sensitive or prohibited area.

  • Intrusion Detection: Detects and triggers an alarm the moment a person or vehicle enters into a defined zone.

  • Face Detection: An alarm is triggered when a face is fully visible.

  • Crowd Detection: An alarm is triggered when a preconfigured number of people are detected in a defined area.

Featuring crystal clear resolution

The AI4 IR Dome Camera delivers crystal-clear images with more pixels on target for faster and easier identification of people and objects.

Man walking across bridge with red rectangle superimposed around him to signify object identification.

AI-powered technology

The AI4 IR Dome includes AI-powered technology for real-time analysis and detection of events, allowing users to respond quickly to security incidents. This helps with reducing false alarms because the camera identifies the object of interest first and then applies analytics to the scene based on user-defined trigger points.

Curbside pickup alerts

The stopped vehicle analytic available in our AI4 IR Dome works with March Networks Command to alert you in real-time about customers arriving for curbside pickup. You can also see a visual record of all curbside deliveries for future review, and businesses and municipal governments can use the analytic to help with parking laws and enforcement.

AI4 IR Dome Datasheet

Rugged 4MP (16:9 aspect), 5MP (4:3 aspect) IR dome camera with built-in video intelligence

AI Series Smart Cameras Brochure

Rugged 4MP (16:9 aspect), 5MP (4:3 aspect) IR bullet and dome camera with built-in video intelligence

AI4 Comparison Chart

March Networks ME Series vs VA Series vs AI Series

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