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SE2 Indoor NanoDome

The SE2 Indoor NanoDome with surface mount


  • Low-profile 2MP dome for indoor applications
  • 2.3mm lens delivers extra-wide field of view
  • Convenient Low Bit Rate (LBR) setting helps reduce storage and bandwidth usage
  • 3-axis gimbal for single-handed positioning of camera during installation or adjustments

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two surveillance images of a building lobby. One image is wider and captures more detail.

A comparison of the SE2 Indoor NanoDome’s 2.3mm lens (left), capturing an extra wide field of view, and the industry’s typical 2.8mm lens (right).

Complete coverage with a single security camera

Capture sharp, high-definition (HD) video images of large indoor areas with the SE2 Indoor NanoDome. This low-profile camera has a 2.3mm lens that delivers an impressive 134° horizontal field of view, making it ideal for large comprehensive coverage of indoor spaces, with minimal distortion at the edges.

Save money on storage and bandwidth

The SE2 Indoor NanoDome features a convenient Low Bit Rate (LBR) setting that can reduce storage and bandwidth consumption by as much as 50% in most applications. Streams can drop below 1Mbps at 2MP (15 frames per second).

Mounts & accessories

SE2 Indoor NanoDome
Surface mount (out-of-box)

a wall mount for the ME4 IR MicDome IP camera
Wall mount

0.75” EMT mount adaptor
0.75” EMT mount adaptor

Wall Mount
1.5” NPT wall mount

Corner Adaptor
Corner adaptor

Pole Adaptor
Pole adaptor

Electrical plate adaptor
Electrical plate adaptor

Pendant Mount
1.5” NPT pendant mount

a 1.5 inch NPT sunshield for the ME4 IR MicDome IP camera
1.5” NPT adaptor

SE2 Indoor NanoDome Datasheet

A low-profile 2MP dome with extra wide field of view, for indoor applications

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High-performance 2MP cameras for indoor and outdoor use

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