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the Edge 4e 4-channel video encoder

Edge 4e Encoder

A 4-channel video encoder offering full frame rate resolution (30fps NTSC/ 25 fps PAL @ 4CIF) on all four channels.

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March Networks 16-channel video encoder

A cost-effective choice for IP migration

Keep your existing analog cameras while migrating to IP video surveillance with a March Networks video encoder. These powerful devices convert video from your current analog cameras to IP signals that can run on a digital network.  As an added bonus, our Edge 4e and Edge 16e encoders require just one license purchase to unlock all video channels, making them an economical choice for IP migration.

an illustration showing how March Networks cameras continue to record video during a network outage. The Shadow archiving feature re-inserts the recorded video from the camera in the right sequence.

Never lose video

When used with March Networks Command Recording Server, our Edge 4e and Edge 16e encoders provide an added layer of recording redundancy. In the event of a network outage or server failure, the encoders can record to an onboard storage device, and then re-integrate the “missing” video back in the correct sequence through our innovative Shadow Archiving feature.

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