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  • High-performance video encoder
  • 16 video channels and only one license purchase required
  • 30fps @ 4CIF for all 16 channels
  • Built-in Shadow Archiving for additional redundancy
March Networks 16-channel video encoder

Leverage investments in your analog technology

Enjoy the benefits of an IP network without upgrading your analog cameras with the Edge 16e. This high-performance 16-channel encoder seamlessly converts video from analog cameras into digital video that can run on an IP network. And, with just one license purchase required for all 16 channels, it offers a cost-effective means of migrating to an IP network.

Built-in Shadow Archiving

When used with March Networks Command Recording Server, the encoder offers an innovative Shadow Archiving feature that ensures redundant recording in the event of a network outage or server failure. Shadow Archiving re-integrates the “missing” video and audio back in the correct spot, once the recorder connection is restored.

Shadow archiving diagram

Scroll through to learn how March Networks Shadow Archiving works.

Shadow Archiving - Network Issue

Network Issue
A network issue (e.g., a problematic switch or NIC card, loss of power, or even routine maintenance) causes the network to go down. Connection between the edge device and the recorder is lost.

Shadow Archiving - Edge Device Onboard Recording

Edge Device Onboard Recording
The network issue triggers the camera’s internal recording, or recording on a NAS device. The camera is essentially functioning as a failover device.

Shadow Archiving - Video and audio synchronization

Video and audio synchronization
Once the network is restored, the “missing” archive (video and audio) is reintegrated back into the Command recording server—in the appropriate spot.

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