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Stay close to your business – even during physical distancing

COVID-19 has forced retailers to change how they do business and the new normal can be hard to navigate. As a global leader in IP video surveillance and business intelligence applications, March Networks can help. The March Networks Health Compliance Solution delivers a suite of new features to help banks, retailers, restaurants, schools and other businesses manage COVID-19 risks by measuring occupancy in real-time, rapidly detecting individuals who have an elevated body temperature, and ensuring compliance with new cleaning and sanitization procedures.

Man viewing retail store remotely on his mobile phone

Use video to remotely monitor your store

With strict sanitation practices in place, remote video monitoring can allow you to drill down on certain areas of your business to ensure employee compliance. Focus on high-touch areas of your store that need frequent maintenance or ensure your employees are wearing masks as required.
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Leverage people counting technology

Honor physical distancing rules by counting the number of people entering and exiting your retail space and get real-time, visual alerts when occupancy limits are exceeded. Our Searchlight solution tracks the number of people entering your store and displays the data on a local color-coded monitor.

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Empty parking spots that read ‘Food pick up only’

Keep tabs on curbside and drive-thru pickups

Keep your business running and your customers happy with drive-thru and curbside pick-up. Our IP cameras will help you capture each person and vehicle on video. By integrating your video with your point-of-sale transaction data, you can also visually investigate each purchase. Search transactions by store, transaction type or amount and match it to corresponding video evidence.
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Gain peace of mind with real-time alerts

The analytics in our cameras are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can alert you when something suspicious happens inside or outside your store. Get real-time alerts on loitering, perimeter or zone breaches, so you can immediately investigate suspicious activity.
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Woman reaching for bread with bare shelves around her.

Visually keep track of inventory

Has self-isolation and stockpiling left your displays bare? With a video surveillance system that has integrated analytics, RFID and point-of-sale (POS) transaction data, you can visually keep track of inventory and learn which promotions are working well.

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