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Newest additions to our Resource Center:

Certified Hard Drives for Fixed Recorders

A list of certified hard drives that can be used in various March Networks recorders

164.82 KB


March Networks Insight Brochure

A cloud-based service that provides unmatched video network visibility, asset control, system health, and SLA performance management

580.67 KB

Comparison Charts

9000 Series IP Recorders Comparison Chart

Technical specifications for the 32, 48 and 64-channel models of the 9000 Series IP Recorders

287.00 KB


Command Mobile Datasheet

View live and recorded surveillance video from your smartphone or tablet with the Command Mobile smartphone app

376.73 KB


Command Enterprise Software Datasheet

Advanced system management software for enterprise applications

502.63 KB


8732 and 8532 Series Hybrid NVR Datasheet

8000 Series Hybrid NVR 32-channel recording platforms

382.06 KB


Command Client Datasheet

A powerful software client, featuring a customizable user interface

656.86 KB


Command Recording Software Datasheet

Video management software (VMS) for up to 500 cameras

636.53 KB


Command Center Datasheet

An enterprise-class video display and alarm management solution

779.56 KB


Banking Advantage Brochure

Get the Banking Advantage with our suite of intelligent IP video surveillance products

490.71 KB


EL Series All IP Recorder Brochure

Brochure for EL Series Recorders

2.98 MB

Comparison Charts

X-Series IPX vs X-Series X12xx vs EL Series Recorders

At-a-glance chart comparing the X-Series IPX vs X-Series X12xx vs EL Series Recorders

235.75 KB


EL Series All IP Recorders

Cost effective, all IP recording platform supporting enterprise-class video and Business Intelligence. Available in 8 and 16-channel models.

613.96 KB


CloudSight Cameras

March Networks CloudSight Cameras At-A-Glance

294.97 KB

A&E Specifications for the AI4 IR DuraBullet

A&E Specifications for AI4 IR DuraBullet Camera

159.82 KB

A&E Specifications for the AI4 IR Dome

A&E Specifications for AI4 IR Dome Camera

159.89 KB


Command Solution Overview Brochure

The March Networks Command suite of video management tools

1.57 MB

Command Mobile Plus for iOS 5.5 TPLT 42060 rev 1.0

68.36 KB

Command Mobile Plus for Android 5.5 TPLT 42059 rev 1.0

227.48 KB


X-Series Hybrid Recorder 12-Channel Datasheet

For an easier and more cost-effective transition to IP video, the 12-Channel X-Series Hybrid Recorder Model supports up to twelve cameras, with built-in PoE and powered by Nvidia System on a Chip (SoC)

1.46 MB

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