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Newest additions to our Resource Center:


Mobile ME4 IR MicDome Datasheet

The Mobile ME4 IR MicDome combines 4MP resolution with High Dynamic Range and a built-in microphone, for bus and passenger rail environments. Part Numbers 33164-101, 33164-102, 33164-103, 33164-104

573.96 KB


Banking Advantage Brochure

Get the Banking Advantage with our suite of intelligent IP video surveillance products

490.71 KB


Mobile IR MicroDome Datasheet

The Mobile IR MicroDome with dual high-powered IR LEDs

493.86 KB


Mobile 7-inch LCD Monitor Datasheet

Increase situational awareness in and around your vehicle with this high-res monitor - Part Number 34003

590.94 KB


Mobile 10-inch LCD Monitor Datasheet

16:9 HDMI monitor for displaying video from on-board cameras. Part Number 36201

566.03 KB


Mobile Peripherals Datasheet

Mobile peripheral devices for advanced functionality in transit applications

749.46 KB


Camera Mounts Brochure

March Networks camera mounting solutions

3.30 MB


Searchlight for Retail as a service Datasheet

A hosted solution for integrating video, POS transaction data and analytics. Part Number 34947

1,011.50 KB


Evolution 05 Mini 360° Mobile Camera

A 5MP 360° camera for mobile use featuring an IP66-rated enclosure and IK10 rating. Options include RJ45 or M12 connections. Part Numbers 34463-102, 34463-101, 34460-102, 34460-101

542.69 KB


Searchlight for Retail Datasheet

Reduce shrink and gather valuable business intelligence with Searchlight for Retail

814.64 KB


Searchlight for Banking Datasheet

Combine enterprise video management with intelligent software applications with Searchlight for Banking

793.33 KB


SE2 Indoor NanoDome Datasheet

A low-profile 2MP dome with extra wide field of view, for indoor applications. Part Number 35836-101

575.76 KB


SDA Outdoor IR Dome Datasheet

Standard definition analog dome for outdoor use - Part Number 35540-101

542.87 KB


SDA Indoor IR Dome Datasheet

Standard definition analog dome for indoor use - Part Number 35482-101

505.10 KB


Command Center Datasheet

An enterprise-class video display and alarm management solution

854.31 KB


Student and Patients Transit Security

Monitor all activity for student shuttle and paratransit drivers in bus environments with our mobile video solution

629.02 KB

Comparison Charts, Datasheets

Edge Device Overview Chart

March Networks IP cameras and encoders at a glance

540.14 KB


CA2 IR MiniDome Z Datasheet

High-definition (HD) analog dome incorporating Wide Dynamic Range and IR LEDs - Part Number 35481-101

504.48 KB


CA2 IR MicroDome Datasheet

High-definition (HD) analog dome camera incorporating Wide Dynamic Range and IR LEDs - Part Number 35480-101

538.16 KB


Business Intelligence for Retailers

Improve the customer experience and increase profits with March Networks Searchlight for Retail and the FLIR Brickstream 3D Analytics Sensor

574.62 KB

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