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What type of USB external drives are compatible with 8000, 9000 or RideSafe series recorders and how to make use of them?

Modified on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 @ 1:03 PM

What type of USB external drives are compatible with 8000, 9000 or RideSafe series recorders and how to make use of them? 

If you wish to connect an external USB drive (memory stick) to an 8000, 9000 or RideSafe series recorder, for the purpose of remotely exporting media files, the following must be followed in order for the drive to be recognized by the NVR.

SIZE: USB drives up to 128GB have been recognized by the NVRs.

MAKE: The following USB drive models have been recognized by the NVRs

-Kingston Data Traveler 50, 32 GB (DT50/32GBCR)

-Kingston Data Traveler 50, 64 GB (DT50/64GBCR)

-Kingston Data Traveler 50, 128 GB (DT50/128GBCR)

FORMATTING: You must format the USB drive using FAT32. Any other format type (extFAT, FAT, NTFS) are not supported by the recorders and thus the drive will not be recognized.

Note: Windows OS will not allow you to format a drive larger than 32GB using FAT32. You will need a third party application to do so. A simple application that works well is the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. (Google it). It will only discover USB storage devices connected to your computer, therefore less chance that you format your C:\ drive by mistake.

FILE FORMAT: The format of the media files, transfered to the USB device from the NVR, is controlled by Admin Console under the Task Type Device Configuration, General Tab. You have the choice of AVI (no codec) or CME (Command file format)

TESTING: There are two applications that will show the queued evidence (media ready to be transferred from NVR to a connected memory stick) and the connected drive's status.

- Command Client - Connect the client to the NVR in question and go through the export media process. Select Remote USB Drive for the Destination and click Export.

Within the Export Queue area, the USB drive status will be displayed.

- Visiual Intelligence Investigator software

Click the Manage Queued Evidence button

Within the List of Evidence to Copy drop down, select Evidence for Revision

The status of the detected USB drive is displayed



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