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How may I upgrade the SQL Server 2012 Express Local Database used by CES 2.8 or earlier versions?

Modified on Monday, November 18, 2019 @ 10:11 AM

How may I upgrade the SQL Server 2012 Express Local Database used by Command Enterprise Software (CES) 2.8 or earlier versions?

If you are looking to upgrade the local database used by CES, follow these steps:

Command Enterprise versions 2.8 or earlier use SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB version 11.1.3000.0. Microsoft has since released SQL Server 2012 Express Service Pack 4 and will continue to support this version up until July 12th 2022

The release notes are found here: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP4 Release Notes

STEP 1 - Download the file
Download the Service Pack 4 patch from this Microsoft website: 

Note that other links, for this Service Pack 4 on the Microsoft website, do not seem to work.

Chose the appropriate 64bit or 32 bit download depending on the server you are working with.

STEP 2 - Start the installation

Once you have downloaded the 1GB file, place it on the CES server. Then, double click the file and follow all the prompts.



You may be asked to restart the computer part way through the install. After the reboot…if you see this setup file installed (highlighted below), you are not done with the service pack. Run the exe installation file from the server desktop again to complete the update.


Now you should see the actual installation of the Service Pack begin. Follow the prompts.


 The installation is complete once you see this screen.


STEP3 - Validate the install of SP4 is successful

On the Windows Control Panel / Programs and Features page, you should now see the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB with a version of 11.4.7001.0





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