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What's new in the latest Command software?

Modified on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 @ 11:13 AM

Answer: This is a compilation of the What's new section from the different Command Solution release notes.

What's new in MN.2021.2.0? (2.13 release) - Aug 2021

VA2/VA4 Series IP Camera support

• Support has been added for March Networks new VA2 and VA4 series of IP cameras offering video analytics.

Audio Talk Selection within Video cell.

• For applications such as central monitoring where 2-way audio is required, a user now has the option in the Command Client to select a talk button directly with each video cell enabling them to talk from their local workstation and be heard at a remote site.

4K Support

• CES Web Client and Command Client support a maximum of 4 concurrent video channels streaming in 4K. Please note that performance is dependent on your local network and client computer.

Site Details for each Recorder:

• For central monitoring applications, a user can now open a new panel that shows all information associated with the recorder at a particular site. The information is 100% customizable and is uploaded as an HTML file. The info can include details such as:

o Site number

o Site address

o Site phone number

o Site operational hours

o Local police phone number

o Local fire phone number

o Local ambulance phone number

o Employee contacts (names, emails, phone numbers, etc.)

Direct access to CES through a recorder camera port

• For applications in which local site staff need to access a 6700 Series recorder by first logging into CES, but are not allowed access to a corporate network for security reasons, a user can now directly connect to the camera port of a 6700 recorder and use their LDAP based credentials to log on to CES and open Command Client.

Command Recording Server

VA2/VA4 Series IP Camera support

• Support has been added for March Networks new VA2 and VA4 series of IP cameras offering video analytics.

Support for WebRTC NAT traversal to provide remote provisioning of cameras connected to the recorder

• The recorder provides access to a local TCP port (or ports), where a network bridge over WebRTC to the connected camera is established. This connection allows a browser link to open and access the camera configuration page.

March Networks Searchlight

KPI with Cumulative Value

• KPI displays the calculation of cumulative value, showing the total number of visitors on site at the given time.

Resolved Issues

MNS-11647 Resolved: Command Client may not refresh to reflect changes to system or logical trees unless the user logs out and logs in again. Command Client

MNS-20101 Resolved: The Searchlight drop down item in the Command Client main menu may intermittently not be present. Command Client, Searchlight

MNS-20685, MNS-20684 Resolved: Case Management video extractions may intermittently fail to complete with no visual indication to the user. CES

MNS-20884 Resolved: Network problems between CES and recorders could prevent user audit logs from being retrieved from recorders. CES

MNS-21814 Resolved: Enabling NAT traversal can result in intermittent image download failure from recorders, thus impacting images for the operations audit report. CES, Command Archiver 

MNS-21847 Resolved: Upgrade to Command 2.11.0 or 2.12.0 could trigger intermittent Searchlight for Banking transaction processing CES

MNS-22213 Resolved: Security Vulnerability: CWE-428: Unquoted Search Path or Element. CES

MNS-22752, MNS-22768 Resolved: Intermittent recorder registration or mark for replacement failure when NAT traversal is enabled. (Enterprise Console “Recorder connection initiated by” value is set to “Device or Server”.) CES

MNS-18105 Resolved: If CES becomes unreachable, Command Client connections that are viewing video could be disconnected. CES

MNS-21103 Resolved: When reviewing video in Case Management the “Go To End” and “Go To Start” buttons may behave unexpectedly. Command Client

MNS-21305 Resolved: Using Command Client to rename or delete a device in the System or Logical tree may cause Command Client to unexpectedly close. Command Client

MNS-21560 Resolved: Improved Mass Management user interface for Axis camera firmware. Command, Client

MNS-21707 Resolved: The Procedure for renaming a folder is different between the Logical and System trees. Command Client

MNS-22585 Resolved: Command Client may halt unexpectedly halt immediately after login in certain logical tree folder structures. Command Client / SDK

MNS-22380 Resolved: User Management mistakenly allows the creation of new users with the same user name but with different case (Upper/Lower). Command, Client

MNS-19490 Resolved: No GPS data in saved cases\incidents after upgrading. CES

MNS-19074 Resolved: User without territory should only be visible to a top-level user. CES

MNS-18105 Resolved: The system should keep the camera view in the foreground when the CES is down. Command Client

MNS-16771 Resolved: Watchdog failed to start CES after operating system restart, due to closed database connection. CES

MNS-22882 Resolved: PTZ Pre-sets in Command Client may not work for SE2 PTZ on the X-Series recorder. Command Client

MNS-20494 Resolved: Frequent camera disconnects when viewing live video. Command SDK

MNS-21708 Resolved: After upgrade to Command 2.10 or later, the Incident Archive default query changed from “Last 7 days” to “Yesterday”. Command Transportation

MNS-20247 Resolved: Intermittent corruption of recorder configuration file causes unit not to restart. CCM

MNS-22185 Resolved: CRS and CES running on same machine, CRS does not respect time zone settings. CRS

MNS-19482 Resolved: Losing connection to CRS when adding/removing a camera using CES credentials. Command Config

MNS-19450 Resolved: Losing connection to CRS when turning on a new alarm using CES credentials. Command Config


What's new in MN.2021.1.0? (2.12 release) - April 2021

X-Series Recorders

Video export to attached USB drive

• Media can be exported directly from an X-Series recorder to a USB thumb drive.

Support for USB to Serial adapter

• The X-Series recorder will support serial data capture via the USB to Serial adapter.

• Part number 29235: AUX NVR ADPTR USB TO RS232 4PORT

Support for USB to Ethernet adapter

• The X-Series recorder will support serial data capture via the USB to Ethernet adapter.


Support for the import of Hard Drives

• The X-Series recorder will accept a full set of drives extracted from an X-Series recorder. The data on the drives is preserved and allows recording.

• The X-Series will accept drives extracted from an X-Series recorder that haven been frozen to preserve content. Media on the drive is in read-only mode to preserve frozen data.

Generic text stream capture

• The X-Series recorder will accept and allow for customized parsing of text streams.

Command Enterprise, Client, Player

Mark for Replacement support for recorders when using NAT Traversal

• NAT Traversal is deployed for systems requiring outbound communication to avoid port forwarding and other settings that would raise system security concerns.

Removal of support for all x86 (32-bit) based applications and installers

• Given that the Windows x86 platform is obsolete, all support is being removed.


March Networks Searchlight 4.12

Searchlight for Retail

• Sweethearting – The new rule is triggered when the system detects customer presence in close proximity to the POS but detects no transactions at the same time.

• Dual transaction data handling for all local translators – this improvement will allow the choice between raw data transfer (XML) and pre-parsed data transfer for local text overlay. This improvement mitigates the raw XML text overlay from SICOM POS. Now the end user is able to view a well-structured receipt.

 Searchlight for Retail and Searchlight for Banking

• Business Analytics

o Analytics data accumulation resolution

• Added the ability to choose the people counting data granularity.

• Minimum people counting data increments every 5 minutes.

o New KPI – Business Analytics – total number of visitors on site

• KPI displays the calculation of cumulative value, showing the total number of visitors on site at the given time.

Resolved Issues:

MNS-18392 Resolved: Support terminal ID updated to handled and trigger job removal/update against media archiver to avoid duplicate jobs holding the same text channel. Searchlight CES

MNS-18360 Resolved: Some rights missing in CES user profiles. CES

MNS-18051 Resolved: Command Client Analog-Audio In from U16 is not working properly in live mode. Command Client

MNS-17496 Resolved: Searchlight missing POS data. Searchlight CES

MNS-17466 Resolved: Command SDK GetImage Call stops working with analytics enabled on ME6 Camera. Command SDK

MNS-17464 Resolved: Registration issues from Putty to CES. Agent uses cached station ID, preventing the CES from auto-generating the ID. Command Agent

MNS-17110 Resolved: LDAP group users with Admin profiles cannot see user management list. CES

MNS-17074 Resolved: Command Client crashing post 2.10 CES upgrade. Command Client

MNS-16997 Resolved: OPS Audit Report notification email sent without images, and no emails received for business rule notifications. Searchlight CES

MNS-16936 Resolved: Command Client shuts down/ closes randomly. Command Client

MNS-19225 Resolved: Command Client CES talk channel icon does not change status once activated. Command Agent

MNS-18199 Resolved: Public View - ME6 camera sometimes freezes during display. R6

MNS-17997 Resolved: In some conditions, upgrade of X-Series R6 may fail. PAL

MNS-17638 Resolved: Unable to reconnect to recorder after disconnection. Command Config

MNS-16800 Resolved: Alarm closing prompts a message "Alarm closing failed", although the alarm closed successfully. Web Client

MNS-18382 Resolved: After applying a Factory Default operation to the unit or during initial provisioning, the first configuration change applied in the camera panel of the Command Config interface or the Installation Wizard causes a temporary disconnection of the video channels. R6

MNS-14572 Resolved: Disk storage is empty after an imported configuration during a mark-for-replacement operation. R6

MNS-17123 Resolved: Export partition in Archiver for export with Searchlight enabled. Command Archiver

MNS-16724 Resolved: No user feedback is presented when logging into CES with a large topology. The text box to enter search criteria may take some time to load. Web Client

MNS-9171 MNS-10579 Resolved: When a camera or recorder goes offline and the video streaming is suspended as expected, a user is unable to see the "communication error" message in the CES Web Client. Web Client

MNS-19333 Resolved: Cannot connect to Agent with Chrome 89.0.4389.90. Web Client

MNS-19408 Resolved: Daylight savings time adjustments not set for specific time zones. R6 Command Client


What's new in MN.2020.2.0? (2.11 release) - Dec 2020

Command Enterprise 2.11.0

Support for the new X-Series R6 Hybrid Recorders

User Management Reports – Who has access to sites

It is now possible to filter the user account list by territory and export only the filtered results. This is useful to

instantly check the user rights of users that have access to a specific territory. In addition, the filtering tools for

the user audit feature have been improved for a better user experience.

User Management performance improvement

The user database has been improved for an overall enhancement of the user management on the CES,

especially with a high number of user accounts.

Prometheus Dashboard for CES metrics

The Command Enterprise Software (CES) now features an integration with the Prometheus and Grafana

services. The Prometheus service allows you to monitor a number of metrics from multiple CES instances, while

the Grafana service provides a highly customizable graphical interface, allowing you to configure a dashboard

with graphics statistics on the data


Command Client 2.11.0

Exports with User-Defined Watermarks

It is now possible to add user-defined text with the corporate logo to video exports as a watermark to show

where the video export came from and maintain compliance from a legal standpoint.

Sequential Switching

Command Client now allows users to display sequences of cameras and views that automatically show each

camera or view in the sequence for a configured length of time, then move on to the next camera or view in the


Export directly to Evidence Vault

Evidence Vault can now be accessed through Command Client so that exports can be uploaded directly to the

cloud. Cloud-based evidence can be shared, managed, and audited using Command Client. CES required.


Searchlight 4.11.0

Searchlight Operation Audit Notice Configuration Improvement

A new option has been added to the Searchlight application. This option allows users to create an Operation

Audit Notice by targeting the relevant cameras on the Operations Audit page, without having to scroll down the

entire camera list belonging to one or more sites.


Web Client 6.0.0

PTZ Support for Web Client

PTZ capability has been added so that users can now pan and tilt cameras with a mouse click or using the touch

screen interface in the Web Client. Further capabilities include camera lens zoom, iris open and close, near and

far focus, PTZ control lock, auto tracking, and pre-programmed PTZ positions.

Alarms and Health Alerts

Users can now view events (Alarms and Health Alerts) in the Web Client. Details of each event are available,

such as the associated camera video. Users can filter the event criteria to sort the events and easily locate a

specific alarm or alert.

Digital Zoom

Digital Zoom capability for cameras has been added to the Web Client. Users can now digitally zoom into an

image and see greater detail without the image becoming blurred or pixelated. 

Resolved Issues:

MNS-14712 Resolved Issue: CES restart could break device token update. CES

MNS-14621, MNS-12046 Resolved Issue: Command Media Archiver restarts every 30 minutes under specific conditions. Cmd Archiver

MNS-14566 Resolved Issue: Command Media Archiver creates a duplicate log. Cmd Archiver

MNS-14068 Resolved Issue: Differences in data from trigger and shutdown transactions should always be considered positive before performing a comparison with the elapsed time. Searchlight CES

MNS-12973 Resolved Issue: Searchlight report not showing all data/ past 30 days search. Cmd Client

MNS-12969 Resolved Issue: When clicking the transaction number on a business rules report email, Chrome users are alerted to an invalid certificate. CES

MNS-12928 Resolved Issue: Unable to upgrade mobile cameras using Command when queued. CES

MNS-12692, MNS-12625 Resolved Issue: Command Client crashing post 2.9.2 upgrade. Cmd Client

MNS-12644 Resolved Issue: CES failing to upgrade from 2.6.4 to 2.8.x or 2.9.x. CES

MNS-12642 Resolved Issue: CES initialization reports: “Could not create DBs due to exception”. CES

MNS-12585 Resolved Issue: Decouple database update to last communication time. CES

MNS-12383 Resolved Issue: Command Client crash while registering an NVR. Cmd Client

MNS-12056 Resolved Issue: Command Client crash during user audit search. CES

MNS-12030 Resolved Issue: Searchlight schedule from 0:00 AM to 12:00 PM is misleading. Cmd Client

MNS-11552 Resolved Issue: Web Client shows a reduced image for cameras while viewing live or archived video. Web Client

MNS-10956 Resolved Issue: Alarm History Panel does not display the correct results when "Time Zone Settings" in the Preferences is set to "Device Time Zone". Cmd Client

MNS-10842 Resolved Issue: Discovery Browser sends a malformed ChangePassword message to the NVR. Discovery Browser

MNS-10841 Resolved Issue: Command Client crash when accessing a camera on an NVR by a user. Cmd Client

MNS-10834 Resolved Issue: Scheduled mass NVR upgrades not working in CES 2.8.0. CES

MNS-10821 Resolved Issue: Export support for users without System tree access. Web Client

MNS-10745 Resolved Issue: Command Client 2.10 does not list the drive letter for the DVD/CD for the same user logged into the same computer. Cmd Client

MNS-10478 Resolved Issue: Certain LDAP Group users are unable to log in to multiple groups. CES

MNS-10313 Resolved Issue: Client crash when a terminal has a reference to a text channel that does not exist. Searchlight Client

MNS-10292 Resolved Issue: Operations Audit does allow a user with the Administrator profile to associate a label to a snapshot. Searchlight Client

MNS-1978 Resolved Issue: Camera name does not show properly if camera name is the default name. Searchlight Client

MNS-12348 Resolved Issue: User without NAT rights does not see the warning error when viewing Sequences. Cmd Client

MNS-10476 Resolved Issue: A user who does not have access to the System tree in the CES Web Client is unable to access the Archiver to export video. Web Client

MNS-10668, MNS-9721 Resolved issue: A user who has the "Privacy Unmask" right still sees the privacy patch on exported video. Cmd Archiver

MNS-13465 Resolved Issue: Some folders in the System or Logical tree of the Command Client do not show the arrow that expands the folder view. A workaround is to scroll all the way down the folder list so that the affected folder disappears from the window, then scroll back up again to the folder. The user then sees the arrow. Cmd Client

MNS-11296 Resolved Issue: Command Client sometimes crashes while using a joystick. Cmd SDK

MNS-12064 Resolved Issue: Command Player portable 2.10 fails to launch from USB/CD. Cmd SDK

MNS-15299 Resolved Issue: Archiver crash due to SDK issue. Cmd SDK

MNS-15224, MNS-12880 Resolved Issue: General improvements and issue resolution with Command SDK. Cmd SDK

MNS-10401 Resolved Issue: Several Finnish language strings corrected in Command Config. Cmd Config

MNS-9782 Resolved Issue: Improved Archiver shutdown process to address freezing on shutdown. Cmd Archiver

MNS-13814 Resolved Issue: Archive media failure. Archiver DLLs moved to x64 directory. Cmd Archiver

MNS-9284 Resolved Issue: Firefox - pagination and scroll bar are missing for Quick Access/Workspace and hidden in Table Layout. Web Client

MNS-8921 Resolved Issue: Newly added resources under System/Logical/Personal trees are not updated in the Navigation panel. Web Client

MNS-8904 Resolved Issue: When there is a gap in a multi-view, the link "Skip to next coverage" is sometimes hidden and cannot be clicked even when visible. Web Client


What's new in MN.2020.1.2? (2.10.2 release) - Sept 2020

 MNS-13124 Resolved an issue where ME6 Series camera configuration imports in Command mass management failed. CES

 MNS-12857 Resolved an issue where CES database updates took longer than expected. CES

 MNS-13611 Resolved an issue where CES device table last communication time did not update. CES

 MNS-12144 R5 Security enhancement. Cmd Agent 

 MNS-12626 Resolved an issue where Command Client could close unexpectedly after an update to CES 2.10.0. Cmd Client

 MNS-13069 Resolved an issue where Command Client could close unexpectedly when using transaction reporting. Cmd Client

 MNS-13212 Resolved an issue where PTZ keyboard zoom command was not working for MegaPX PTZ cameras attached to R5 recorders. Cmd Client

 MNS-13214 Resolved an issue where Command Client could close unexpectedly after an update to CES 2.9.2. Cmd Client

 MNS-13220 Resolved an issue where ME6 Series camera configurations were not listed in mass management. Cmd Client

 MNS-12918 Resolved an issue where video could not be viewed from an R5 recorder behind NAT using CES 2.8.0. Cmd SDK

 MNS-12443 Resolved an issue where map tiles were no longer visible in Command Player. Cmd Player

 MNS-13264 Resolved an issue where GPS map was not positioned correctly during playback of CME for a case/video. Cmd Player

 MNS-13363 Resolved an issue where Command Player portable 2.10 was failing to launch from USB/CD. Cmd Player

 MNS-13504 Resolved an issue where ME6 Series cameras were not generating results from Smart Search when connected to an R5 recorder. R5

 MNS-12926 Resolved an issue where the camera name was not displaying properly in Searchlight if left as the default name. Searchlight Client

 MNS-12796 WebRTC logging has been enhanced. Web Client

 MNS-12804 Improvement to NAT traversal rights messaging. Web Client

 MNS-12805 Resolved an issue where there was inconsistent video resolution between Command Client and Web Client. Web Client

 MNS-13286 Command Media Archiver requires a x64 directory with the required .dll files in it. The Archiver installer now creates this directory. Cmd Archiver

 MNS-13703 Resolved an issue with unexpected security audit query entries in the audit logs. Searchlight and CES


What's new in MN.2020.1.1? (2.10.1 release) - June 2020

MNS-9144 Recording coverage information on the timeline is now stable when playing archive video. Web Client 

MNS-9349 Information related to a device such as Device Type and Connection is now accurate. Web Client 

MNS-9399 Resolved an issue with black screen and lag of 5-10 seconds for video streaming. Web Client 

MNS-9934 Resolved an issue with performing queries on the Operations Audit page on multiple sites with large deployments. CMD Client & Searchlight 

MNS-9957 Can now export .CME files from Command Recorder Software. Web Client & CRS 

MNS-10574 Resolved an issue where the Settings tab stayed open after selection. Web Client 

MNS-10141 Resolved an issue with the CRS alarms scheduler: alarm did not stop triggering at the specific Off hour time. CRS 

MNS-10589 Camera names now display specific camera names instead of defaults. Web Client 

MNS-10592 Resolved an issue with Video Export - User could not export when they did not have access to Archiver. Web Client 

MNS-10600 Resolved an issue with launching Command Config for the ATM Camera from the Client, video was unavailable. CMD Config 

MNS-10601 Resolved an issue with Operations Audit not allowing a user with Administrator profile to associate a label to a snapshot because User is without Delete Media rights (which should not be needed). Searchlight 

MNS-10605 Resolved an issue where adding/changing a profile automatically changed the SuperAdmin profile. CES 

MNS-10607 Security Audit: Now correct message when default is not set. Searchlight 

MNS-10760 Resolved an issue with CES 2.10, where it did not list the drive letter for the DVD/CD for the same user logged into the same PC. CES 

MNS-11389  Can now access with One Time Password when the CES console requires info page authentication. CMD Config

MNS-10901 Resolved an issue with user upgrades to Command Client 2.10. Can now launch Searchlight or Transportation application. CMD Client

MNS-10932 Resolved an issue with alarmed video panel. Now pops up in archive mode when set. CMD Client

MNS-10933 Resolved an issue with Discovery Browser sending a malformed ChangePassword message to recorder. Discovery Browser

MNS-10994 Resolved an issue with Alarm History Panel: results did not display correctly when Time Zone Settings" was set to "Device Time Zone". CMD Client

MNS-11025 Resolved an issue with Web Client defaulting to port 443 when configured to use 4433. Web Client

MNS-11173 Resolved an issue with the Client not sending clientVersion info. CMD Client

MNS-11179 Resolved an issue with About page missing the CES version. Web Client



What's new in MN.2019.2.2? (2.9.2 release) - May 2020

MNS-10009 - Optimized CES performance in order to reduce operation latency due to potentially challenging network conditions.

MNS-10011 - Improved CES resilience to DB access failure, due to temporary networks issues, with a suitable retry attempt policy. (CES resiliency to potential network issues has been tested with network delay injection procedures resulting in a ping Round Trip Time of about 180 ms with peak of about 273 ms.)


What's new in MN.2020.1.0? (2.10 release) - Apr. 2020

Support for ME6 Cameras: MN.2020.1.0 supports the ME6 Series cameras, March Networks’ newest line of IP cameras. ME6 cameras include built-in security analytics, accessed through the recorder and client tools.
Support for elliptic curve cryptography: MN.2020.1.0 supports TLS 1.2 elliptic curves for key establishment (ECDHE) and authentication (with RSA and ECDSA).

Windows Server 2019 compatibility: See release notes for list of March Networks software compatible with Windows Server 2019 

March Networks Web Client: The new Web Client is supported on the latest version of Google Chrome. It works seamlessly on Mac, as well as Windows PCs and laptops.

Command Enterprise

  • Real-Time Notification of Critical Health Issues: An administrator can set up preferences to send users real-time notifications for critical health issues.
  • Show complete Health Alert History: With this release, the addition of pagination allows administrators to view a complete history of health alerts.

Command Client

  • Command Client Alarm Pop Up: You can now configure high priority alarms so that the associated video automatically opens when the alarm is triggered, either in the Command Client workspace or a separate Alarm Pop-up View window.
  • Preserve Playback State on Drag & Drop: When selected, if you have a camera playing archive (playback) video in a cell and you replace it with a different camera, the new camera begins playing archive video from the exact same point in time as the first camera. (When not selected, the new camera plays live video.)
  • Turkish Langauge Support

Command Recording Software

  • Support for ME6 Cameras: Command Recording Software (CRS) now supports ME6 cameras, March Networks’ newest line of IP cameras. ME6 cameras include built-in security analytics, accessed by CRS.


  • Searchlight Home Screen Enhancements: In this release, new information/navigation elements are available on the Searchlight home screen in the form of KPI BADGES.
  • Searchlight: Save with Filters at Desired Value You can set any of the reports available in the Searchlight application as a default report with filter parameters set to desired values.
  • Operations Audit Enhancements: You can create a filter for time-windows of interest (for example, 07:30 to 09.30) so that the time-window only shows snapshots for key parts of the day and desired locations. You can also narrow it down to particular cameras (for example, Front Line or Vault).


Resolved Issues:

MNS-8979 Fixed an issue that could cause Command Client to unexpectedly close when opening a resource in the CES System or Logical tree.

MNS-8958 Fixed an issue that could cause Command Client to unexpectedly close when opening a device from the CES System Overview tab. MNS-8797 Fixed an issue that could cause a recorder to mistakenly report a battery or fan health alert.

MNS-8788 Fixed an issue that could cause the Case Management tab to mistakenly open when saving an image snap shot. MNS-8325 Fixed an issue to ensure Seproban cameras remain within the input range 1-24. MNS-8255 Fixed an issue that increases PTZ pan and tilt responsiveness using the Edge 8e HD encoder.

MNS-8150 Fixed an issue where a recorder audit report might not include the source IP address for a failed login attempt.

MNS-7946 Fixed an issue that could cause Command Client to unexpectedly close immediately after login to CES. MNS-7923 Fixed an issue where the CES audit report may not contain all Archiver Incident Delete events.

MNS-7873 Fixed an issue that could prevent the “Test Email Address” button in the Enterprise Console from functioning.

MNS-7832 Fixed an issue that increases March PTZ responsiveness when using a March Keyboard.

MNS-7795 MNS-4803 Fixed an issue that prevented the use of some ECHDE ciphers with CES.

MNS-7601 Fixed an issue where an “ ’ ” apostrophe in a user name could prevent CES from starting after an upgrade.

MNS-7163 Fixed and issue where CES could mistakenly report a camera configuration mismatch health alert.

MNS-7032 Fixed an issue where CES may not report 6400 recorder state changes or health alerts.

MNS-6888 MNS-6887 Fixed an issue where the Limit IP Camera Tunnel feature may not restrict camera IP ports to the starting and ending port number values.

MNS-5994 Fixed an issue preventing LDAP group users from performing some functions in the User Management tab.

MNS-5155 Fixed an issue where URL links in Business Rules emails would not resolve when using the Outlook Web application.

MNS-9239 Fixed an issue with Discovery Browser 4.4 that prevented the IP address of an SE2 IR MicroBullet camera (p/n 37401) from being changed.

MNS-7870 Fixed an issue that could cause CES to mistakenly add phantom 4000 series recorders to the system tree.

MNS-7166 Fixed an issue that could cause CES to mistakenly report that a recorder upgrade had failed.

MNS-7122 Fixed an issue that could cause CES to fail to authenticate an LDAP user who’s LDAP username had been changed.

MNS-7060 Fixed an issue where a user from an LDAP group with User Management Rights could not see the Global Profiles.

MNS-7020 Fixed an issue where the Administrator Console showed incorrect CES IP address following a reregister to a new CES.

MNS-6987 Fixed a RAID5 issue where upgrading a recorder during a RAID rebuild caused RAID to fail.

MNS-6718 Fixed an issue where talk channels did not work with ME3, ME4, and SE2 series cameras connected to recorders with software versions below release 5.16.

MNS-1446 Web browser access to the recorder and CES URL can now be configured for authentication.



What's new in MN.2019.2.1? (2.9.1 release) - Jan 2020

8000 Series Recorders

Increased support for Edge 8e HD Encoder: The 8000 series firmware now supports additional functionality via the Edge 8e Encoder. The recorder now supports the following functionality.

  • Audio: Live Audio In
  • GPI/O: Auxiliary Inputs and Outputs
  • PTZ Controls via RS485: Pan, Tilt and Zoom

Resolved Issues

MNS-7270 Fixed an issue where LDAP users with smart cards were sometimes not able to log in.

MNS-7602 Fixed and issue where the CES upgrade to 2.9 failed if a user name contained an apostrophe " ' ".

What's new in MN.2019.2.0? (2.9 release) - Dec 2019

Command Enterprise

Restricting Global Actions for Non-Global Users: Added option to disallow users with limited territory permissions from making global changes to the system.

Split Audio and Video Permissions for Command users using R5 Recorders: Added granularity to Video permissions to allow Administrators to choose to grant or deny Audio permissions separately.

SQL Server 2012 SP4: Upgraded included SQL version to 2012 SP4 to address security vulnerabilities in a previous version.

Command Client

March Networks Keyboard V3 Support: Support has been added for the March Networks Keyboard V3 (P/N 27218) which allows the keyboard to control display resources (cameras, views and maps) on multiple monitors, and activate alarms, switches and talk channels. It is also possible to play back archived video evidence using the convenient jog dial and shuttle ring, and control PTZ cameras using the keyboard joystick.

Additional information and display options for snapshots: Snapshots taken from Command Client now display detailed information about the source recorder, image resolution, and the capture date and time. In addition, a user can choose to display the timestamp overlaid on the image or above the image.

Command Recording Software

Support for up to 500 channels: A single server running the Command Recorder Software can now support up to 500 camera channels at 2 Mbps or 400 camera channels at 2.5 Mbps.

Starting in release 2.9, the Command Recording Software is now a 64-bit architecture with a 500 camera limit instead of a 32-bit architecture with a 128 camera limit.


  • You cannot upgrade to release 2.9 if your Command Recording Software is installed on a 32-bit system.
  • It is not possible to downgrade to a previous release once you upgrade to CRS release 2.9.
  • See system requirements for recommended server specifications.

Resolved Issues

MNS-2651 Added pagination for the CES User Audits in the Command Client.

MNS-3625 Fixed an issue where cameras would sometimes not display proper status when a mobile unit is offline.

MNS-3626 Fixed an issue where Command could not push software updates to offline IP cameras.

MNS-4221 Resolved a problem that sometimes allowed LDAP users to log in after they were removed from LDAP.

MNS-4833 Resolved an issue causing sorting problems in the Incident Archive tab.

MNS-5201 Fixed an issue where Command Client thumbnails do not work properly when changing Windows resolution to 150%.

MNS-5898 Resolved an issue where an Operations audit was not generating images on time.

MNS-5925 The Smart Card Certificate Serial number now supports 20 octets.

MNS-5958 Resolved CRS crashes / video gaps when high volume of users and clients connect simultaneously.

MNS-5997 Fixed an issue where it may take multiple attempts to log in to Command Client.

MNS-6137 Resolved a sorting issue with Archiver when upgrading from release 2.2.

MNS-6142 Resolved an issue where when accessing a specific CES user, Command Client starts, authenticates, tries to load but then closes.

MNS-6235 Resolved an issue where Command Client takes multiple attempts to log in and is slow to load preferences.

MNS-6717 Increased robustness and performance of CRS servers.

MNS-6829 Resolved an issue where Command Client cannot assign an SDK license to a recorder.


What's new in MN.2019.1.1? (2.8.1 release) - Oct. 2019

MNS-5958 An issue that sometimes caused the CRS to stop working is fixed.

MNS-5430 An issue with LDAP verification is fixed.

MNS-4604 Smart Card Certificate validation now supports standard certificate length.

MNS-4521 Addressed reliability issues with CES upgrading device certificates.

MNS-5996 An issue where multiple attempts were sometimes required to log in is fixed.

MNS-5212 An issue creating extra inaccessible sessions on CRS in some cases is fixed.

MNS-6116 Addressed intermittent failures with public view touring.

MNS-5693 Improved SSL connection verification when using Dynamic Discovery.

MNS-5992 Higher version recorders can now use the Mark for Replacement feature.

MNS-5125 Small character display issues in Admin Console now corrected.

MNS-4708 An issue where archive playback became unresponsive on local control is now fixed.

MNS-5778 A rare login IP issue that caused the Command Client to stop working is fixed.

MNS-3591 Improved duration auto-correction for COD.

MNS-5819 Removed some invalid language options in Command Config.

MNS-5662 An issue where group users were sometimes unable to log in after upgrading to CES 2.8 is fixed.

MNS-2334 Improved thumbnails in Command Client when using non-standard Windows resolutions.

MNS-5110 Clarified misleading warning message in the third-party firmware download dialog.

MNS-5757 An issue where CRS Config did not maintain the selected language is fixed.


What's new in MN.2019.1.0? (2.8 release) - Aug. 2019

Command Enterprise

Enhanced Password Management: We have updated our password management systems to decrease the likelihood of leaked passwords.

• Administrators can set password complexity rules for the system.

• Users must change their password on first login.

• All users must change their password periodically (frequency determined by administrators).

• Users can change their password at any time.

Cyber-Security Alerts: Our health monitoring system now contains a new category of alerts dedicated to enhanced cyber-security. This includes alerts for the following events:

• Multiple failed log-in attempts

• Potential DoS attacks

Additional cyber-security alerts will be available in future releases.

G Suite LDAP Integration: For our enterprise customers, LDAP integration now supports Google’s G Suite LDAP service. Users can choose from two LDAP integrations:

• Microsoft Active Directory – available in previous releases

• Google G Suite – new option

If you choose Google G Suite, you can still add a mix of LDAP users and local users to Command.

Please see the user guide for more information on how to set up a G Suite integration.

Axis Camera Mass Firmware Upgrades: Previously, mass firmware upgrades only supported March Networks cameras. In 2.8, this feature includes Axis cameras as well.

As with March cameras, users can upload firmware for specific Axis camera models.

Once uploaded, you can use Command’s Mass Management page to perform the upgrade on all cameras that apply, in one operation.

NAT Traversal Ease of Use: Using NAT Traversal is easier than ever – new CES installations now include a preconfigured STUN server.

Rebranding of Command Enterprise: Starting on December 12th, 2018, March Networks renewed the corporate image with a new logo, new colors, new icons, and a new corporate font. The naming of certain Command products has also changed. With this change, the term Command Enterprise Software replaces the term Command Enterprise Server.

Command Client

MegaPX Indoor 360 Dome dewarping: Users can expect an improved dewarping experience in Command Client. Response is smoother and faster while using the virtual PTZ feature.

Snapshot Disclaimer: Allows users to create a customizable disclaimer statement that appears on snapshot exports.

Immervision de-warping: De-warping for 360 Immervision supported lens is now available in Command Client.

Korean Translation: The Command Client, Command Player, and Command Config software now all support the Korean language.

Command Recording Software

Rebranding of Command Professional and Lite: Starting on December 12th, 2018, March Networks renewed the corporate image with a new logo, new colors, new icons, and a new corporate font. The naming of certain Command products has also changed. With this change:

• Command Recording Software replaces VMS CRS/Command Professional. The term Command Professional is no longer used.

• Command Recording Software Lite replaces the term Command Lite.

Enhanced Password Management: We have updated our password management systems to decrease the likelihood of leaked passwords:

• Administrators can set password complexity rules for the system.

• Users must change their password on first login.

• All users must change their password periodically (frequency determined by administrators).

• Users can change their password at any time.


Enhanced Business Rules: Users can now create custom rules based on comparing specific transactions with definable alarm periods or sequential transactions based on time and criteria. These enhancements make it easier for investigators to uncover suspicious activity.

Transaction Summary Enhancements: Transaction summaries now have a Master and a Reference Column for percentage comparison across Site/Employees.

Analytics Zones: You can now rename these zones for the People Counting, Dwell, and Queue Length zones displayed in the Business Analytics Dashboard.

Searchlight Transaction Summary: The maximum number of favorite transaction reports has been increased from 5 to 10.

Configuration Enhancements

360 camera default mode: 360 cameras now use virtual PTZ as their default mode in Command.

Test email: When adding email configuration settings to the CES console, there is now an option to send a test email to verify that the settings are correct and connectivity is established.

Single camera grid view: When opening a single camera, it opens as a single grid with one video stream, instead of a single camera tab. You can now change the single camera view to a multiple camera view in one step.

Resolved Issues

MNS-5034 Recorders display the wrong resource names in the System tree after migration from ESM.

MNS-4804 A user was able to export MP4 format even though the user did not have the "Export to MP4" right - the same issue was applicable to the CME/Encrypted right.

MNS-4608 Users with 'Device Management' rights were able to see the Licensing tab in Command.

MNS-4162 GPS maps may not display in Command Client tools.

MNS-4154 A user may be presented with a Communication Error when trying to view an IP Camera.

MNS-4131 In some scenarios, the timestamp of a snapshot exported using Command Client is wrong.

MNS-4121 The MT recorder may show some GPS issues when connecting directly to the recording device.

MNS-3987 Request to use appropriate dewarping libraries in Command SDK.

MNS-3961 CRS showing server connectionless error when video is requested from CES/Command Client.

MNS-3852 Mobile recorders are not connecting to CES after 2.7.1 and 5.14 SP2 upgrade.

MNS-3818 Memory leak in Command SDK, showing in integrator app performing camera sequences.

MNS-3487 The lack of unique LDAP ID to identify LDAP users may lead to various user issues such as inability to login with LDAP user or missing LDAP users.

MNS-3469 Media Archiver: Device IP address was not updated in the Archiver after replacement.

MNS-3262 In some cases, the video can be displayed with delays.

MNS-3249 Client preferences: the option to open the timeline automatically does not work correctly.

MNS-3236 Configurable GPU usage threshold (for hardware decoding) is not handled in SDK.

MNS-3209 Remote Provisioning whitelisting is not working when the whitelist range is wide.

MNS-3181 The SDK Manual Installation instructions are no longer up to date.

MNS-2966 There was no clear indication when the CES could not be started due to an issue with the ports.

MNS-2965 Media Archiver and CES were communicating correctly, but an "Error setting jobs on extractor" error was found in the CES log files.

MNS-2963 Using deviceID as sourceID for the device disconnected alert.

MNS-2962 Because of display limitations in the Client, the export of User Audit entries may be incomplete.

MNS-2960 Media Archiver does not correctly handle the change for a scheduled image job.

MNS-2950 Media Archiver stopped due to a memory leak.

MNS-2949 CES requires some improvements to handle a race-condition when pushing recorder updates to the Archiver, following a CES restart.

MNS-2791 SystemTerminalOverview.csv shows NULL values, but Command shows the fields with data.

MNS-2759 SDK Application stopped when attempting to connect to a CES is using the wrong IP, or when the CES service is not running.

MNS-2637 Agent to CES communication is blocked by some firewalls.

MNS-2539 When a bad password is provided, CES attempts to authenticate a user twice for the LDAP Server per client login.

MNS-2517 CES apps does not start properly when a database connection cannot be established.

MNS-2481 CES database failure is not handled correctly.

MNS-2439 When a direct connection to the recorder is not available, there may be attempts to establish a NAT traversal connection even when NAT Traversal is disabled.

MNS-2424 Default audit log limit on CES is not sufficient.

MNS-2401 CES is not cleaning up stale client websocket connections correctly.

MNS-2381 LDAP users cannot login to CES.

MNS-2374 Client display limitation for User Audit is not well communicated.

MNS-2366 CES sometimes displays a Device Disconnected alert when the device is reachable.

MNS-2364 When video is rotated to 90 degrees clockwise, the motion matrix is not sent.

MNS-2339 A snapshot taken quickly after re-positioning the timeline cursor may result in the export of the wrong frame.

MNS-2116 No reminder message for users to back up the CES database during CES upgrade.

MNS-1912 Media Archiver could not be stopped and started after an upgrade.

MNS-1911 Media Archiver not handling R5 offline partition cases to download incidents.

MNS-1882 Many System Changed events always update the device network information, which causes a deadlock.

MNS-1875 Request to provide the ability to configure client login timeouts.

MNS-1865 Advancing frame by frame is not working properly on Command Player.

MNS-1857 Cameras may freeze instead of reconnecting in some disconnection cases.

MNS-1855 After handling and closing an alert, the Health Inbox is blacked out and is unrecoverable until restarting the Command Client.

MNS-1825 After streaming video for a few hours, some of the camera views may stop playing.

MNS-1824 The "Handled By" field in the Health Alerts page may not sort correctly.

MNS-1820 Command Client is not able to display video from some Axis cameras when rotation is configured directly inside the camera and hardware acceleration is enabled in the client.

MNS-1809 Command Client automatically switches the handled alert to Not Handled without validating with CES.

MNS-1805 When the CES cannot reach devices, the CES server raises multiple Device Disconnected alerts when an alert already exists as handled.

MNS-1785 Health alert is marked as open (in the code) once the state of the originating alert's device has changed.

MNS-1778 When leaving the full-screen mode, it does not go back to the original view.

MNS-1745 Deleting a recording device from CES is not cleaning all of the associated elements like cameras, alarms, etc.

MNS-1614 Stun port used by CES's local stun is not automatically opened on Windows Firewall.

MNS-1603 Cameras were automatically removed from the Logical tree.

MNS-1576 CES triggers synchronization for disabled channels, leading to false Camera Add events.

MNS-1510 Investigate if we could use a unique field to authenticate users in CES.

MNS-1508 In some conditions, the Command Client is not displaying the text overlay.

MNS-1493 Searchlight activities that required Media Archiver not working correctly.

MNS-1441 Mobile recorders added before CES 1.10 missing Station ID. Required workaround to set these IDs.

MNS-1433 There is not enough info in the CES log files to help in investigating customer issues reported from the field. Including Audit log records could help investigations.

MNS-1393 In some cases, the export of video with audio fails to export the associated audio.

MNS-1362 With some email clients, the Business Rules report email link may not work due to some parameters being in lowercase.

MNS-1335 Improved response from Bosch cameras by using key on demand.

MNS-919 Axis camera does not have variable motion histogram level.

MNS-4120 Transaction Summary may display a server error in the case of large Site deployment.

MNS-2480 Business Rules Report email notification uses the server's local address for hyperlinks, which may lead to failure.

MNS-2107 Business Rules Report – Email notification is not displaying Voids correctly.

MNS-1665 Searchlight Business analytics reporting may not display results correctly, due to a mishandling of time zones.


What's new in MN.2018.2.2? (2.7.2 release) - June 2019

MNS-2592 Command Enterprise Console now displays an error message during CES start up if another application is using port 80 or port 443 and preventing CES from starting.

MNS-2959 This Searchlight issue can prevent the Operations Audit feature from processing snapshots.

MNS-3162 This Command Enterprise Server issue can trigger false recorder disconnected health alerts.

MNS-3163 This Command Client issue can trigger false recorder disconnected health alerts.

MNS-3297 This Command Enterprise Server issue can prevent SSH tools from connecting to recorders when NAT Traversal is enabled.


What's new in MN.2018.2.1? (2.7.1 release) - Apr. 2019

The following issues have been resolved in this version 2.7.1 release:

MNS-1347 - This Command Enterprise Server issue could trigger an ONCAM 360 camera to unexpectedly disappear from the Logical tree.

MNS-1536 - This Command Client issue would trigger the timeline to always open automatically when viewing video.

MNS-1573 - This Command Client issue could trigger intermittent Command Enterprise Server login failures.

MNS-1574 - This Command Enterprise Server issue could trigger connectivity problems when using local NAT Traversal.

MNS-1612 - This Command Enterprise Server issue could trigger the Enterprise Console to stop responding.

MNS-1620 - This Command Client and Command Player issue could skip multiple frames when trying to advance frame by frame.

MNS-1640 - This Command Enterprise Server issue could trigger sluggish Command Enterprise Server responsiveness

MNS-1680 - This Command Recording Server issue could halt processing AXIS camera VMD events.

MNS-1755 - This Searchlight Business Analytics issue could use an incorrect time zone when displaying results.

MNS-1779 - This Discovery Browser issue could trigger 10 minute delays during a camera upgrade and report “Error: Operation failed. Please retry”

MNS-1816 - This Command Client issue could trigger a snapshot with a timestamp of 1969.

MNS-1850 - This Command Enterprise Server issue could mistakenly change a Health Alert from a Handled state to Unhandled state.

MNS-1851 - This Command Enterprise Server issue could mistakenly generate a false Health Alert when setting an Alert to a Handled state.

MNS-1856 - This Command Client issue could allow items deleted from the Command Enterprise Server System tree to remain searchable.

MNS-1874 - This Command Media Archiver issue could trigger the Archiver to become unresponsive.

MNS-1888 - This Command Client issue prevented Health Alert sorting using the Handled By column.

MNS-1889 - This Command Client issue could trigger the Command Client to become unresponsive when handling health alerts.

MNS-2276 - This Command Recording Server issue would mistakenly consume Command Enterprise Server channel licenses for all encoder analog ports.

MNS-2284 - This Command Client issue could trigger the recorder details to display an incorrect IP address when using NAT Traversal.

MNS-2400 - This Command Enterprise Server issue could trigger the Command Enterprise Server to become unresponsive or unexpectedly restart


What's New in MN.2018.1.3? (2.6 SP1) - Jan 2019

The following issues have been resolved in this version release:

37593 - Command Enterprise Server. This problem could trigger unresponsiveness to Command Client login requests and/or cause recorders to unexpectedly disconnect during mass recorder upgrades.

37594 - Command Enterprise Server. This problem could trigger recorder upgrades to fail and not retry if the network connection to the recorder was interrupted.

1359 - Command Enterprise Server. This problem could trigger ONCAM 360 cameras to unexpectedly disappear from the Logical tree.

1358 - Command Enterprise Console. This problem could prevent the application from launching and report that the "Snap-in has stopped working”.


What's New in MN.2018.2.0? (2.7 release) - Dec. 2018

Command Enterprise

Communicate with recorders without the need to open inbound ports: To keep security networks more secure, video can now be accessed remotely through CES without needing to open inbound ports on recorders. Please see the latest Hardening Guide for details and best practices to better secure your security network.

Note: New installations will need to upgrade recorders to 5.14 before they can be registered to CES without opening ports. If they aren’t upgraded first, inbound ports will need to be opened to allow registration to CES.

Improved management of health issues: Health issues in the System Overview can now be handled, release, and closed just like Alarms.

Recorders can be marked as "out-of-service": If you know a recorder is going to be offline for an extended period of time, it can be marked "out-of-service". This will filter it out of health status reports so that alerts aren’t flooded with invalid entries. A separate permission will need to be assigned to users who will need this feature.

Command Client

Encrypted local video export: For added security, users can now choose to encrypt locally exported video such that the exported data is only accessible using a password.

CES/8000/9000 Series Recorders

Privacy masks on recorder local and public displays: Video displayed by recorders will now respect privacy masks configured on recorders for connected cameras. Privacy masks now appear on video in the Admin Console with CES and Local Control. Mask visibility is controlled via CES user permissions.

Video removal from recorders to comply with privacy requests: A new permission is added to allow a user to comply with a person’s request not to be recorded. This permission allows a user to remove video including the person in question. Following the removal, no user can access the video for the period of time specified in the removal process.

Ability to set maximum video retention on recorders: Enhanced the ability to configure a maximum recording period. Users can now select retention periods as low as 1 day. This configuration will be respected regardless of recording mode (continuous or on event).

Encrypted video transmission between recorders and clients: For added security and compliance, all video transmitted between our recorders and clients is now fully encrypted.

Encrypted video export for playback in Command Player: For added security, users can now choose to encrypt exported video such that the exported data is only accessible using a password.

9000R Series Recorders

RAID 5 support: 9000R series recorders now support RAID 5 up to 8 HDDs and supports combinations of 4, 6 and 8 drives. Drives are hot swappable and can be switched out without powering off the unit. Existing 9000 recorders in the field are not field upgradeable to RAID.

Hot swappable redundant power: 9000R series recorders with RAID provide a dual redundant power supply option. Power supplies can be swapped out without turning off the unit, and a notification is provided when a failed power supply is detected.

Thermal Panic Shutdown: If a 9000R series recorder experiences temperatures above the recommended range of 0 – 40C, the recorder gracefully shuts down. After a short delay, the recorder will automatically turn on again and will re-check to ensure temperatures are within acceptable levels.


Config Client - Permanently Remove All Silverlight Dependency: March Networks has migrated the Configuration Client from a browser-based client to a standalone application. The migration has allowed the removal of all Microsoft Silverlight dependencies. Command professional users can directly download the client by entering the server’s IP address or host name in any browser and clicking the appropriate link. The browser-based client no longer be used for recorder configuration.

Video removal from recorders to comply with privacy requests: A new permission is added to allow a user to comply with a person’s request not to be recorded. This permission allows a user to remove video including the person in question. Following the removal, no user can access the video for the period of time specified in the removal process.

Encrypted video transmission between recorders and clients: For added security and compliance, all video transmitted between our recorders and clients is now fully encrypted.

Encrypted video export for playback in Command Player: For added security, users can now choose to encrypt exported video such that the exported data is only accessible using a password.

3rd Party Support

Oncam alternate stream support: We’ve added support of Oncam’s Dual-Stream Mode or VCam mode and enabled controls for each of their respective streams. Note: VCam mode is disabled (default). When enabling VCam you remove the cameras ability to stream a secondary fisheye view.

ONVIF2 alternate stream support: Alternate video streaming can now be achieved via the Onvif protocol, assuming the video device supports multiple streams. Optimize you solution by reducing load on a viewing PC, reducing demand on low bandwidth connections or reducing storage consumption for long term archiving.

Axis 360 Camera De-Warping: The command client now fully supports Axis 360 cameras and allows de-warping of the video feed.

Samsung multichannel encoder integration: The 8000 series recorder, 9000 series recorder, and CRS now all support Samsung multichannel encoders

Command Solution Resolved Issues:

36910 Users from LDAP groups did not have access to Operations Audit, Export Business analytics, Export User Management rights, ESM Migration and Viewing video from Incidents (Transportation).

37252 Recorder was not automatically upgraded to target release after registration.

36667 CES log files were purged upon upgrade from CES 2.1.6 to CES 2.5.0.

34096 Share Cases - Local Group additions and modifications were not dynamically updated to other Client Local Group views.

36627 Mass Management performance: Apply configuration on a large number of cameras when a recorder is on low bandwidth, multiple cameras show configuration change failure.

36759 CES User Audits – Could not get audits if CES had more than 2000 users and the logged in user was a top level user.

34096 Share Cases - Local Group additions and modifications were not dynamically updated to other Client Local Group views.

37055 Searchlight Operations Audit image and local transaction capture downloads sometimes stopped working.

37808 Print button for "Terms of Service" did not work in some cases.

37758 Fixed issues with some missing icons.

32233 Improved CES resiliency to DoS attacks.


What’s New in MN.2018.1.2? August 2018

Command Enterprise
Command Client

Configuration Mass Management of 8000, 9000, and RideSafe Series recorders: System Administrators can manually or automatically (using a schedule) push configuration changes to March Networks 8000, 9000, and RideSafe Series recorders.


What’s New in MN.2018.1.1? July 2018

The following issues have been resolved in this version 2.6 release:

35631 Media Archive downloads may reach 100% before completion.

35625 Media Archiver issues: CES and Media Archiver install to Windows 2016 Server Std warns with Error that OS is not supported.

36460 36479 Archiver: Update algorithm to download incidents in correct order.

35992 Recorder logs pulled by Archiver labelled poorly.

35841 Video exports from Media Archiver to Workstation intermittently fail.

30877 Media Archiver: Intermittent loss of archive data.

31859 Opening Incident Archive tab for the first time after login with 500 plus incidents takes a long time (8 seconds).

30893 Playback of incident video intermittently flickers.

32037 Media Archiver: Data missing in extraction after timeout from recorder.

33178 Media Archiver: Permitted address range ( – not working correctly.

32122 Export hangs in finalizing status for export ranges with little video available.

35805 Log collection continues even when disk is low/out of storage.

35806 Errors encountered in WriteLib of Archiver when disk is out of space (silent failure).


What’s New in MN.2018.1.0? May 2018

With the release of MN.2018.1.0, March Networks has adopted a release mechanism that makes it easier for customers to understand the changes that have occurred with a bundled release and to identify which software and firmware components are required to enable those changes.

 The first release of 2018 is labeled MN.2018.1.0, with subsequent releases MN.2018.2.0, MN.2018.3.0, etc.

 Release MN.2018.1.0 contains the following new features: 

Command Enterprise

 • Mass Management of March Networks IP Cameras: System Administrators can manually or automatically (using a schedule), push firmware upgrades and configuration changes to March Networks IP cameras connected to any 8000 or 9000 Series Recorder, as well as Command Recording Software. In addition, following any mass distribution updates, singular updates to cameras not matching the mass management update are flagged as a health alert.

 • Multiple Folder (Territory) Access: With multi-territory access, System Administrators or anyone granted user managements rights, can now allow a user or group to view multiple folders (territories) in the System tree and/or in the Logical tree.

 • Shared Case Management Files: Users can now choose to share a case file with other users in a local group so that they can view, edit, and export the information in the case.

 • Disclaimer Pop up Terms to view Exported Video: Provides a customizable legal disclaimer such that when a person receives a Command Client video or image export, they have to select "accept" to see the video.

 Command Client

 • Accelerated Video Decoding: With this release Command Client now has a configurable option to leverage GPU support for H.264 video decoding. This can significantly reduce the CPU load of workstations running Command Client, especially for applications where a multiple monitor display configuration triggers a significant video decoding load. 

Command Professional

 • Configuration Client: March Networks has migrated the Configuration Client from a browser-based client to a standalone application. The migration allows the removal of all Microsoft Silverlight dependencies. Command Professional users can directly download the client by entering the server’s IP address or host name in any browser and clicking the appropriate link. You can still use the browser-based client in this release, but it will be phased out in a future release.


 • Business Analytics – Summary views with comparison of aggregation and trending dashboards from multiple sites / locations: With implementation of Brickstream 3D sensors, you can now compare, analyze, and customize analytic data collected from these sensors (People Counting, Dwell, and Queue Length). The interface enables you to drill down to a particular site / location, further down to the list of sensors that collectively aggregated the total. Making it a wonderful trend analysis tool to determine Store’s layout efficiency, Branch promotion efficiency, Operation efficiency and much more.

 In addition, you can customize and define the areas of interest such as POS queue, Teller wait line, Front Entrance and Side Entrance, etc. Searchlight groups these areas (labels) automatically. You can retrieve these areas at ease in the interface and save any views for future consumption.

 • Operations Audit – Automatic email notification based on a schedule: You can now receive Operations Audit images of your sites in an email based on a schedule. You can review the status of each store / branch at a glance and make informed decisions on follow up actions based on this valuable audit.

 • Operations Audit – Export images to email: Within Operations Audit, you can now select one or multiple images and export them as attachments in emails. Simply right-click on the desired image and export it using your default email client / application.

 • Business Analytics – Data export based on a schedule: Besides viewing business analytic data in our Searchlight user interface, you can now export the data periodically based on a schedule of your choice. You can automate these data exports for a 3rd party analytic tool. In addition, you can define these schedules based on execution time, frequency and time zone. You can specify the site(s) and the destination folder location on the network.

 • Business Rules – Email notification with direct links back to exact rule exception: You can now directly access the exact rule exception from your email notification. The action brings you back to Searchlight and locates the exact rule, making it easy for you to further your investigation and gather more information from the application.

 • Business Rules – Presence detection with Brickstream sensor: With Brickstream sensor, you can define advanced business rules within Searchlight to detect the presence of people. This enhances the usability of Loss Prevention and Fraud Detection in a whole new way.


The following issues have been resolved in this 2.5 release:

 36579 CRS should apply rights to Command Config raw device requests.

 36624 CRS http raw requests to manage sessions should never communicate session ID.

 36625 Absence of protection against brute force attacks for CRS local users.

 29634 The “Operation failed” error message displays when a user right-clicks the camera list inside the Device tab, then clicks again to the System navigation panel.

 30727 Reopening a saved layout of undocked views with the Global resolution set to high shows cameras at the lowest frame rate.

 32961 Command Client crashed approximately 6 hours into a soak test with 6 undocked panels.

 36660 HostEventReceived not raised anymore.

 30863 Searchlight: Memory leak when associating cameras to sites/terminals (using drag and drop) where the client becomes very slow.

 31873 User sees results from Business rules they do not have access to.

 32288 Searchlight: Audit reports not displaying images.

 32493 Terminal can be created with no Terminal ID.

 33156 Filtering per territories and displaying results not working properly in Security Audit.

 33244 Searchlight - Business Rules Settings - User not able to see a business rule that was added by the user.

 34946 Business Analytics RAW tables are not getting purged according to transaction retention settings.

 35392 Searchlight - Business Rules Settings - User not able to see a business rule that was added by the user.

 35908 Searchlight failed to load on next login after login with a user with no logical territories.


What’s New in Version 2.3? – January 2018

Command Client 2.3
- Traditional Chinese: Command Client now allows you to set the interface language to Traditional Chinese.

 Command Enterprise 2.3
- Privacy Masks Based on User Profiles: System administrators can now configure the system for certain user profiles to see video without privacy masks.

 Command Professional 2.3
- Improved Redundancy – Shadow Archiving: Video recorded to a redundant server can now automatically transfer back to a primary server once the primary server is back online.  Options to push data automatically or on a schedule are available.

 - Improved Redundancy – Server Switchover time: Any switchover between a primary-to- redundant server or a redundant-to-primary server now occurs in less than 30 seconds. 

- Duplicate User Preferences: When duplicating users, all associated Command Client resources are also duplicated. This includes map configurations, views, private topology, language, and time preferences. 

- Axis VMD3: Cameras and encoders using AXIS Video Motion Detection 3 (VMD3) are now supported.

 - Edge 16e and 4e Encoder Licensing: March Networks’ Edge 16e and 4e encoders now only require 1 license to enable all analog channels present on the encoder.

 - NAS Performance: When connected to network attached storage (NAS), writing and recovery performance have been greatly improved.

 - RTSP Support: CRS is now able to provide an RTSP stream sent from the recorder by specific video channel and encoder channel (primary or secondary). The compression format of the video stream is standard H.264 and up to 16 RTSP streams can be sent concurrently.

 - Statistics Dashboard: The Statistics Dashboard page allows you to access useful charts and data related to the system performance, recording performance, and incoming and outgoing bitrate. The data can also be exported to an excel file and the charts can be downloaded for offline view, allowing you to send them to March Networks Technical Support for analysis in case of performance problems.


What’s New in Version 2.2.5? – September 2017

New field in Command Client Preferences: Rendering Format: The default value for rendering format is RGB (DirectX). If you are working on a system (such as a virtual desktop environment) that does not support Direct3D (part of DirectX), you cannot view video using the default setting of RGB (DirectX). In this case, select the Bitmap (software) option instead, and video displays normally.

Failover license support for CES: This feature allows a cold standby CES to take over for a failed primary CES. The standby CES is given the same configuration (and points to the same database). Changes now allow the standby CES to use the same license as the primary CES.

The following issues have been resolved in this release:

CES - 33921 Support for NTLMv2 protocol using Windows authentication to external MS SQL database.

Recorders - 33212 Arecont cameras cause DVR to hang when disconnecting.

CES - 34268 CES may not update registration details with DVRs after a CES restart.

CLIENT - 34256 Incident list opens empty in Client UI under certain conditions.

CES - 34261 Upon experiencing a time jump, CES can no longer communicate with fixed DVRs.

CES - 34016 CES User Audits - Unable to query user audits.

CES - 34470 CES reserves IP addresses for offline/failed recorders in DHCP environments.

CLIENT - 33746 Audio quality (choppy) on archive/incident playback.


What’s New in Version 2.2.0? – March 2017

Command Enterprise 2.2
Oncam 360 De-warping:
When using Command Client, the Oncam 360 cameras can now be viewed de-warped when connected to an 8000 Series Hybrid NVR. Virtual / ePTZ features allow users to access the PTZ controls to move around the de-warped image and zoom in and out on sections of the image.

Third-Party Device Integrations
Added support for the Brickstream 3D sensor
Added support for Oncam 360 cameras 
Added support for American Dynamics Illustra IP Cameras


What’s New in Version 2.1.4? – January 2017

The following issues have been resolved in this release:
CMD Client – Issue 30708 - Changing local https port on Archiver does not always work correctly.
CMD Player – Issue 32174 "Error in Command Player" message in 32-bit Command Player.
CMD Client/ Plugin/SDK – Issue 31223 Command Client displays 12/31/1969 date when pulling recording from DVR.
CES – Issue 32391 LDAP users able to log into CES 2.1 with random password when startTLS is enabled.


What’s New in Version 2.1? – October 2016

Command Enterprise 2.1/Command Professional 2.1

Multiple Active Directory Domains:
CES is no longer limited to a single LDAP server and now offers the ability to connect to multiple Active Directory domains. Users can connect to a cluster of servers on their domain or add redundancy to their system by enabling a primary/secondary server.

Edge 16e Encoder Integration: Users who want the benefits of network video, but don’t want to discard their existing analog equipment can now integrate the Edge 16e encoder with their Command Recording Server. The Edge 16e seamlessly converts video from up to 16 analog cameras into digital video that runs on an IP network.

ME4 Series IP Cameras Integration: The Command solution now integrates to the newest line of March Networks IP cameras. The ME4 Series IP Cameras offer HDR and 4MP resolution to guarantee superior image quality in even the most demanding applications.

Bosch 360 De-warping: The Bosch 360 cameras can now be viewed de-warped using server side de-warping on the CRS, CES and Command on NVR client applications. Virtual / ePTZ features allow users to access the PTZ controls to move around the de-warped image and zoom in and out on sections of the image.

Third-Party Devices Integrations
Added Support for American Dynamics
Added Support for Bosch 360 client side de-warping
Samsung update to include audio out
ONVIF update to include audio out


What’s New in Version 2.0? – July 2016

Command Client 2.0

March Networks has migrated the Command Client in Release 2.0 from a browser-based client to a standalone application.

Command Client 2.0 is supported on Windows systems only. For MAC OS X-based client workstations, it is possible to virtualize within a Windows environment. For more information, please contact the March Networks Sales Engineering.

Command Config, the configuration interface for Command Recording Servers, remains a browser-based interface that requires the installation of Silverlight, Command Client Plug-In, and the March Networks Root Certificate.

Command Client 2.0 currently does not support direct connection to 6000 Series Hybrid NVRs and to March Networks edge devices. To connect to those devices using Command Client 2.X, you must first add them to a Command Enterprise Server.

Command Enterprise 2.0/Command Professional 2.0

Multi Monitor Display: Users are now able to display single or grouped tabs divided across different monitors. For example, one monitor can display live cameras, another monitor can display the system overview.

Smart Search: Smart Search is a feature that allows users to configure a specific motion detection area and search for archived video evidence linked to motion events in that area. Note: Smart Search is compatible with cameras added to Command Recording Server, and for selected IP cameras on 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs. For more information about the supported cameras, consult the Visual Intelligence 5.8.0 Release Notes.

Export and Playback as two separate rights: It is now possible to assign users rights to export video and separate rights to playback the video.

Internal Time Synchronization: It is now possible to set the Command Enterprise Server as the time source to synchronize all recorders with the same time.

Migrate/Import Recorder Topology: To assist customers migrating from Enterprise Solution Manager (ESM) to Command Enterprise Server (CES), it is now possible to migrate recorders topologies from ESM to CES without requiring a second registration for the recorders.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 Support: The Command solution now supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2 for improved security.

Faster Mounting Times for Large Storage Disks: The mounting time for large storage disks (more than 10TB) on Command Recording Servers has been greatly improved.

Third-Party Devices Integrations
Added support for Dahua IP cameras
Added support for Canon IP cameras
Added support for Speco IP camera


What’s New in Version 1.11? – February 2016

Command Enterprise 1.11.2/Command Professional 1.11.1

Simplified Layout Option: A user now has the choice to use the standard enhanced layout or a simplified layout of Command Client. The simplified layout hides buttons that users might not need to access and provides a more streamlined appearance. In simplified layout mode, the timeline, the digital zoom, video cell options, change resolution, and text area settings buttons are all hidden by default.

Add user groups from the LDAP service: The Command Recording Server (CRS) now supports LDAP groups. Any member of an LDAP user group added to the CRS can now log on to the CRS using their domain credentials. The feature also allows you to configure user rights that are common to all of the users in the group. Note: If an LDAP user is configured as a single user on the CRS and that user is also part of a configured user group on the CRS, then that user’s rights are the sum of the user rights configured for the user profile and the user group. 

Support for USB Joystick for PTZ Control: A user can now connect the Apem/CH Products IP Desktop Joystick (PN 100-550) to a PC client for basic Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Preset, and Tour control.

Joystick Control Icon Added: When a browser is connected to two or more different Command Client instances, it is now possible to specify which tab or window the USB joystick is enabled in, by clicking the Joystick button on the main toolbar.

Improved reverse playback: Reverse playback in Command Client has been improved to support backwards speeds up to 4x and backwards frame-by-frame playback. Note: This feature is only supported on 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Windows 10 Support: The Command Client interface, the Command Config interface, the Command Recording Server application, and the Command Lite application have all been certified against the Windows 10 operating system.

MAC OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and Safari 8 Support: The Command Client and Command Config interfaces have now been certified against the Apple Safari 8 browser running on the MAC OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) operating system.

Options for 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System: For PC Workstations running Command Client for Command Enterprise, when you click the "Download Plug-in" button, Command Enterprise now detects whether the client is using a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system and sends the correct Plug-in installation file.

Third-Party Devices Integrations
Added support for CBC and Ganz cameras.
Added support for FLIR IP cameras.
Added support for Wren IP cameras.
Added support for Infinova M-Series legacy IP cameras.

SiteManager 3.9.6
Updated support for Command Recording Server to version 1.11.

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