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How do you validate that a hard drive is being used by a recorder?

Modified on Thursday, October 26, 2017 @ 9:42 AM


There are two methods to ensure a recorder has mounted and will be "using" the hard drives for recording purposes:

  1. Using Admin Console, connect to the NVR in question and within Task Type Device Installation, click the STORAGE tab. Look under the STATE column. If you see the word ON-LINE for each drive installed, the drive(s) is being used.

  2. Using Putty (SSH software), connect to the provisioning interface of the NVR in question. Login and type: showdisk For each drive installed within the NVR, you must see the words DISK IN USE.

Note: The words ON-LINE and DISK IN USE only ensures the drive(s) are properly mounted. It does not ensure the recorder is currently recording. Use Command Client and search for archive video from the connected cameras to ensure you are able to retrieve recorded media.

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