• Detect ATM skimming, cash harvesting, phantom transactions and other fraudulent incidents faster
  • Reduce investigation time and costs, and gather stronger case evidence for successful resolution and prosecution
  • Enjoy user-friendly software that automates investigation processes through notification dashboards, overviews and reports
  • Available as part of our browser-based Command Client for convenient video and case management

Banks and credit unions can double their fraud defenses with our powerful March Networks Searchlight applications.

These intelligent software applications use targeted video and data analytics to integrate surveillance video with ATM/teller transaction information, vehicle license plate data, facial images and colors. They enable investigators to conduct centralized searches across their entire organization – reducing investigation times and costs, strengthening case evidence and cutting fraudulent losses dramatically.

Searchlight Financial Transaction Investigation (FTI)

Combine visual records of every ATM or teller transaction with corresponding data records from your secure, IT-managed central server. No need for local hardware at each retail branch. No protocol or encryption issues. No need for investigators to search for evidence branch-by-branch. Just a single, custom, highly-secure integration that helps you drive significant productivity and cost improvements.

Searchlight FTI
Searchlight Skimming Detection

Searchlight Skimming Detection

Searchlight Skimming Detection software analyzes ATM transaction data and video records simultaneously and alerts fraud investigators to potential ATM skimming and cash harvesting incidents. It uses our loitering detection video analytic and FTI software to add a layer of intelligence not possible with video or data alone. An integrated Image Tracker feature also captures a facial image of every ATM or teller customer automatically – making it easy for investigators to gather the information they need.

Searchlight License
Plate Tracker

Searchlight’s License Plate Tracker (LPT) software module works with drive-thru cameras and our hybrid network video recorders to detect license plate characters from most countries quickly and accurately. And unlike many conventional license plate recognition systems that require specialized hardware, you can use LPT with your existing analog or IP cameras.


Searchlight LPT

Average Investigation Time/Cost Comparison
*Three incident example

Investigation Comparison

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