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the SE2 Fleet Dash Camera
the SE2 Fleet Wedge Camera

New SE2 Fleet Series Mobile Cameras

Capture important details on all your transportation routes with the SE2 Fleet Dash Camera and the SE2 Fleet Wedge Camera. These two new cameras have built-in LED Flicker Mitigation (LFM) that suppresses the “strobing” generated by vehicles, traffic lights, construction signs, railroad and other electronic signs that use LED light sources.

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Atlantic Federal Credit Union outside of building
Two women standing at bank teller desk inside bank branch

Case Study: Reliable NVRs a key feature for Atlantic Federal Credit Union

When Maine-based Atlantic Federal Credit Union (FCU) and York County Federal Credit Union merged in February 2019, senior management had to decide what they were going to do about video surveillance.

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March Networks is a leader in intelligent IP video surveillance solutions. We help organizations realize the true power of integrated data and video.

We are headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with regional offices worldwide and sales teams on every continent. Our heritage in networked video, coupled with our strong focus on quality and reliability, has allowed us to maintain our position as an industry leader in the video surveillance market.

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Free players and codecs for reviewing video evidence without our licensed software.

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