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Think video surveillance is just for security? Think again. With Searchlight, you can leverage your surveillance investments to benefit every area of your business. Searchlight works with leading ATM and point-of-sale (POS) units and our Command client software to deliver all the features and functions of an enterprise-class video management solution – but with the added benefits of business intelligence. You get one comprehensive solution for loss prevention/fraud detection and business optimization.

Fight theft and fraud in 3 simple steps

Identify suspicious activity faster with Searchlight’s powerful suite of investigative tools. Just input the type of transaction you’re looking for and receive an alert when Searchlight locates the information. Match alerts with corresponding video evidence for thorough oversight of all transactions.

An illustration showing how Searchlight’s business rules tool lets users input the transaction type they’re looking for, receive an alert, and find video evidence.

A woman hands over food to a customer in a car in a fast food drive through lane.
A surveillance camera overlooks a fast food restaurant.

BlogIncreasing profitability with integrated video, POS data and analytics

The data captured by your POS is incredibly valuable because it can help you make informed decisions about your business. Adding video surveillance to that data adds another layer of intelligence, with visual insights that can reveal a host of new information about your business.

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