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IP Cameras

Analog Cameras

Sharper, more detailed images

Capture high-quality images inside and outside your fleet – from every possible angle – with our extensive portfolio of mobile cameras. Choose from analog or IP, and a combination of forward, wedge, side and dome cameras, packed with features for sharper, more detailed video.

Two surveillance images showing a roadway with a truck with an open bay parked on the right side of the street. One image is bright and sharp, allowing you to see inside the back of the truck. The other image is dark with less detail.

The image on the left, captured by a regular surveillance camera, versus the image on the right, captured by March Networks Mobile HDR Forward Facing Camera.

March Networks Mobile HDR Forward Facing Camera and Mobile Wedge Camera

Transit-tough design

Rough, bumpy roads and extreme temperatures are no match for our advanced edge devices. All March Networks mobile cameras are vandal resistant and designed to protect against intense shock and vibration. Models with rugged polycarbonate housings also safeguard your video in extremely cold weather and warm, humid climates.

Seamless integration

All March Networks mobile cameras integrate with our Command for Transit software and our RideSafe GT Series Hybrid NVRs to deliver a true enterprise-class video surveillance solution for your mobile fleet as well as your stations, depots and park-and-rides.

Build your own mobile solution

Not sure which mobile cameras you need? Learn about our portfolio of mobile products and build your own mobile surveillance solution with our convenient online tool.

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