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Woman working on computer with Evidence Vault displayed on monitor


  • Export case evidence from the recorder or server to a local PC
  • Upload any file format to Evidence Vault thanks to the easy-to-use web client interface
  • Keep information secure with encryptions and expiration times when file-sharing
  • Send email notifications and download shared files easily
  • Tag files with relevant keywords for easy retrieval
  • Compatible with any device, including laptops, PCs, and tablets – no update required

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Woman looking down at computer laptop

Safely and efficiently store and share evidence in the cloud

Evidence Vault from March Networks lets you export cases to the cloud, then share them with authorized recipients. When you export a case to Evidence Vault, the designated recipient(s) will be notified by email, allowing them to access that case in the cloud and download it.

Monitor showing Evidence Vault

Intuitive interface makes it easy to transfer and download files

The easy-to-use web client interface lets you upload evidence in any file format. Uploads are initially private until shared, and external agents can be given upload rights. Recipients can log into the web client to view and download shared files. Multiple measures are in place to ensure your case evidence is protected, including an expiry on sharing time, encryption in transit and at rest, and an activity log to facilitate auditing.

illustration depicting the transfer process from party to party

Seamless transfer from party to party

Evidence is exported from the recorder or server (media archiver) to a local PC, then uploaded to Evidence Vault where it is stored in the cloud. Users can then manage permissions, control accessibility, send email notifications, and audit activity until they are ready to share the files with the correct recipient(s).

Monitor access to cases thanks to chain of custody

Evidence Vault allows System Administrators to monitor and control access to cases via user permissions and activity audits. All actions are logged within the system’s activity audits, which track who has viewed, shared, or downloaded evidence.

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