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Plan ahead with our camera bandwidth and storage calculator

Plan your next video surveillance installation with our free bandwidth and camera storage calculator. This convenient tool helps you estimate the amount of bandwidth and NVR hard drive storage space required for your installation, based on the March Networks cameras you use. Just select your cameras, and input the hourly storage per day required, as well as the complexity, resolution, video quality and frame rate you need. The storage calculator then tells you the total bandwidth (Mb/s) and amount of storage required. The camera storage calculator is free to use; just create a login and password, so you can save your results.

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Plan multiple locations

The bandwidth and camera storage calculator allows you to plan multiple installation locations (and multiple cameras at each location) and save your results. You can also input data from third-party cameras, configure an alternate recording stream, and add it to your overall system design. Print your results for convenient future reference.

A hard drive disk

Need extra drive space?

March Networks NVRs come equipped with hard drive options that deliver up to 48 TB of storage. Download our list of compatible hard drives to learn which drives to use with your March Networks recorders to ensure sufficient storage.

Save on storage space with our Low Bit Rate Setting

Need to reduce your overall bandwidth and storage? Use the low bit rate (LBR) setting on our SE2 , ME3 and  ME4 Series IP Cameras to reduce storage and bandwidth consumption by as much as 50% in most applications. Streams can drop below 1Mbps at 2MP (15 frames per second). Watch and see how it works.

March Networks 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs

Tips to extend your NVR/DVR storage capacity

If you’re struggling with demands for more video storage, or if you need to keep video for a specific period of time, read our blog for simple tips for extending NVR/DVR storage capacity.

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