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Ensure seed-to-sale compliance

Enhance security, ensure compliance with government legislation, and get a comprehensive view of your cannabis operation with March Networks integrated video and RFID solution. Our advanced video and data analytics platform, Searchlight for Retail, helps licensed cannabis growers, producers and retailers monitor the location and movement of plants, providing clear video footage of cannabis operations and the ability to rapidly search for missing inventory.

Male standing in front of rows of cannabis plants in grow operation.

Free eBook: Choosing the Right Video Surveillance Solutions for Your Multi-State Cannabis Operation

This free resource is designed to help expanding cannabis operators find the right video surveillance solution to best fit their needs, and to understand both the financial and timesaving benefits of standardizing on one enterprise video system. It also aims to educate cannabis businesses on how surveillance video integrated with business intelligence and analytics can help improve operations and increase cannabis business profitability.

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the ME6 IR Dome and ME6 IR DuraBullet cameras

Security analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for cannabis

March Networks’ ME6 Series IP Cameras offer crystal-clear 6MP resolution and next-generation security analytics powered by AI for the most accurate incident detection. Available in dome or bullet options, the cameras’ built-in analytics can help detect unusual or suspicious activity like zone or perimeter breaches and loitering. The cameras’ AI models reduce false alarms by focusing only on people and vehicles.

Track and manage inventory

Many growers are using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on cannabis plants to comply with seed-to-sale laws. Our Searchlight for Retail software integrates with RFID data, allowing for the tracking and visual verifications of inventory as it moves from cultivation to dispensaries. Searchlight’s advanced tools deliver total visibility, allowing for searches on a wide range of data in the RFID tags, including a plant’s ID code and its last detected location. In the case of an anomaly, such as missing inventory, users can quickly access the associated video footage to see exactly what time a plant was removed and its exact location.

man sipping coffee and checking phone on couch

Real-time notifications with video snapshots

Receive real-time visual alerts about your cannabis business. The March Networks Alert Communication Tool (ACT) delivers real-time notifications (alarms and actions) to third-party IoT devices including email, instant messaging on mobile, and smart lighting systems. If a motion alarm is triggered after hours, you can be alerted via an instant message, complete with an image of the situation. This allows you to quickly determine whether it’s a valid event (e.g., the cleaning crew), or something suspicious that requires immediate attention.

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Monitor your cannabis operation in 3 key ways

Our Searchlight for Retail solution helps you monitor three key aspects of your business. Get loss prevention support with transaction reports and analysis, use the operations audit feature to monitor compliance and take snapshots from cameras at each of your cannabis locations, and gain valuable data on employee behavior and customer service with business intelligence tools.

Point of sale (POS) exception-based reports let you search by store location, transaction type and amount
The operations audit feature lets you oversee what’s happening with images from all of your locations
Business intelligence tools let you gather valuable data on employee behavior and customer interests
Monitor showing video management platform that follows the cannabis being transported

Protect product in-transit

Keep an eye on your cannabis assets as they travel with our mobile video surveillance products. Our rugged RideSafe MT Series IP Recorders are designed specifically to capture video on mid-sized vehicles, with integrated power supplies, and solid state electronics. These all-IP devices integrate with vehicle CAD and AVL systems so you can gather GPS data, speed and other vehicle information. Add in our mobile cameras for sharp, high-resolution images.

View of Flora Terra’s dispensary and window into their cultivation room
A view of one of Flora Terra’s flowering rooms from inside its retail shop

Case Study: Cannabis business gains peace of mind with March Networks

After obtaining cultivation, distribution and retail licenses for their operation in Santa Rose, California the co-founders of Flora Terra had to navigate the industry’s stringent rules and regulations, including the requirements for video surveillance. To cover every inch of their facility, Flora Terra turned to March Networks for help.


Remote viewing with your smartphone

March Networks’ Command Mobile app allows you to view what’s going on inside your business no matter where you are.

“I use Command Mobile daily. It’s a great feature to have. I can be lying on the beach. I can be skiing or having dinner and still check every square inch of my building just as if I was there.”

David Wingard, co-founder of Flora Terra
March Networks Insight dashboard displaying an open issue on a computer monitor

Gain insights into your entire video surveillance network

If you have several locations to monitor or you need support keeping tabs on one, March Networks Insight is a cloud-based solution for video network monitoring and resolution. A map view of all of your locations will indicate where any problems reside. March Networks, your integrator and your company work together to ensure each issue is addressed and closed in a timely manner.

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Man holding a point-of-sale terminal and small paper bag with cannabis leaf on it.

We support cannabis POS systems

For added convenience, our Searchlight software integrates with cannabis-focused POS systems. Combining video surveillance with your POS data can help cut losses, improve exception-based reporting efforts, and speed investigations.

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Complete security solutions for the cannabis industry


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IP Cameras

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Searchlight for Retail

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Access control and license plate recognition

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Security Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Ensure seed-to-sale compliance with March Networks integrated video and RFID solution

Searchlight for Retail Cannabis Brochure

A hosted solution for cannabis operators that integrates video, POS transaction data and analytics

ME6 IR Dome Datasheet

A 6MP indoor/outdoor dome with AI-powered security analytics

ME6 IR Durabullet Datasheet

6MP outdoor bullet camera with AI-enabled security analytics

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