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  • Be alerted in real-time about alarms and events that are important to you, complete with an on-scene video snapshot
  • ACT can generate an instant message and an email, as well as illuminate a smart lighting system for multiple alerting options
  • The combination of triggers and responses is limitless
  • On-prem and SaaS models available (both offer one, three and five-year subscriptions)

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view of ACT real-time alert on both mobile and PC computer

Real-time notifications with video snapshots

March Networks ACT delivers real-time notifications—based on incoming alarms and alerts—via Command Enterprise Software, to third-party devices like instant message, email and smart lighting systems. These notifications are based on alarms that have been configured on your March Networks recorder, including AI-based alarms from the ME6 Series IP Cameras, which are equipped with video intelligence.

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Powerful messaging capabilities

Depending on your company’s network connectivity, hardware capabilities, and protocol limits, ACT can be configured for an unlimited number of messages and recipients.

man sipping coffee and checking phone on couch

One-touch approach to assess the situation

If a motion alarm is triggered after hours, the manager is alerted via an instant message, complete with an image of the situation. This allows them to quickly determine whether it’s a valid event (e.g., the cleaning crew), or something suspicious that requires immediate attention.

Easy viewing for mobile order pickups

Individuals responsible for coordinating pickup orders can now use their cellphone to receive notifications, zoom in on the image of the car once a customer pulls into a parking lot, determine whose order it is, and deliver accordingly.

The technology behind our Health Compliance Solution

ACT is the technology that delivers real-time alerts on occupancy and elevated body temperatures in our Health Compliance Solution. Once you’ve exceeded your occupancy threshold, ACT delivers an email or instant message to your mobile device allowing you to react in real-time.

March Networks ACT Datasheet

Alert Communication Tool (ACT) for real-time alarm notification with video snapshots

March Networks ACT Use Cases

Alert Communication Tool (ACT) for real-time alarm notification with video snapshots

Command Enterprise Datasheet

A powerful software client, featuring a customizable user interface

Health Compliance Solution Brochure

Get real-time visual alerts on building occupancy, elevated body temperatures and health and safety procedures

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