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RideSafe XT IP recorder


  • 8, 12 and 16 channel models
  • Powerful Video Management Software with March Networks Command for Transit
  • Sleep Mode Functionality
  • Real-time health monitoring
  • Transit-tough – able to withstand extreme and demanding environments
  • Powered by NVIDIA® System on a Chip (SoC) technology
  • NDAA Compliant – fully grant-fundable
  • AI engine powers future analytics applications
  • Vehicle metadata integration
  • Automated video and data extraction over Wi-Fi or cellular network

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A computer monitor displays multiple surveillance images in the Command for Transit software user interface

Rapidly access live and recorded video

The RideSafe XT Series IP NVRs integrate seamlessly with March Networks mobile cameras and Command for Transit software, providing you with comprehensive video coverage of your rolling stock and fleets, as well as your fixed assets such as platforms, stations, depots and parking areas. Advanced tools enable rapid search and archive capabilities, complete system health monitoring and remote access to live video and vehicle information.

RideSafe XT Sleep Mode

This feature will allow XT units to switch to low-power mode and record directly to the recorder’s SD card, based on configurable rules like motion. It allows for around-the-clock recording coverage, even when buses are parked and powered down. RideSafe XT Sleep Mode reduces security risks, keeps passengers and operators safe, and gathers conclusive evidence with these secure, AI-enabled devices, purpose-built for transportation.

Transit-tough design

Enhance passenger safety, reduce risk and resolve liability claims faster with the industry’s most reliable mobile network video recorders (NVR). The RideSafe XT Series IP NVRs are purpose-built to withstand extreme shock and vibration with a rugged, industry-recognized SAE J1455-standard design and a tamper-proof enclosure that also protects against dust and moisture. Its Linux-based operating system guards against hacks and viruses, while its internal battery back-up and hard drive mirroring functions provide additional recording redundancy.


RideSafe XT IP recorder from right side

Security features for added peace of mind

The RideSafe XT Series IP NVRs feature the highest level of protection for customer data with complete end-to-end encryption (from camera to recorder to enterprise management system to client software) with cameras supporting RTP/RTSP over HTTPs. Like all March Networks NVRs, the RideSafe XT Series IP NVRs are embedded, Linux-based appliances. The customized OS removes unnecessary services and applications and locks all non-essential network ports, reducing the likelihood of attack; the customized OS also has a reduced volume of code that helps optimize overall system performance and minimize defects.

A section of the Command VMS software user interface displays a surveillance image from inside a bus with an image from outside the bus, and a map showing the GPS location of the bus.

Vehicle metadata integration

With our RideSafe NVRs, you can easily gather operator-initiated tagged events and vehicle metadata such as GPS location, vehicle number and speed, for comprehensive oversight of driver behavior and more detailed post-incident investigations.

Reduce service costs

Use the RideSafe NVRs with our free GURU Smartphone App for complete asset tracking, chain of custody, and instant access to diagnostic and technical support information in the field. Just use GURU to scan the QR code on the front of the RideSafe recorder and instantly access product and warranty information, tech tips, tutorials and a host of other support tools.

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