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A powerful solution for shrink

Shoplifting, organized retail crime and employee theft can all eat into your bottom line. Fight losses with intelligent video surveillance that lets you rapidly find suspicious activity – from irregular point-of-sale (POS) transactions to backdoor theft – and match it with corresponding video evidence. Our powerful fraud-fighting tools reduce time spent searching for the ‘right’ video and speed loss prevention investigation efforts.

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mobile pick up alert on mobile

See what’s going on –
without going in!

With March Networks, you can receive visual alerts in real-time about your business. The March Networks Alert Communication Tool (ACT) delivers real-time notifications via email or instant message along with an associated video snapshot. In retail environments, this can help with coordinating curbside pickup orders. Employees can use their cellphone to receive notifications, zoom in on the image of the car once a customer pulls into the parking lot, determine whose order it is, and deliver accordingly.

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A computer displays the March Networks Command VMS user interface

Easily manage video across multiple locations

Get everything you need to protect your assets with our extensive product portfolio – designed specifically for retailers. Our enterprise solutions make managing hundreds or even thousands of video surveillance systems easier with convenient centralized management capabilities that save you time and hassle. Our hybrid video recorders, IP cameras and VMS software are easy to use and install, with features that simplify day-to-day system management.

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View video from mobile app

Remotely monitor your business

Save time and money by monitoring your business remotely with the Command Mobile Plus smartphone app. Free from the App Store and Google Play, the app provides convenient access to live and recorded surveillance video from your personal smartphone or tablet. Get instant alerts about alarms with push notifications and view voids, discounts or any other transactions right within the app.

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Two stacked X-Series recorders

Video you can depend on

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your video surveillance is always recording and your data is safely protected.

Our NVRs are known as the most robust recorders in the industry, with an impressive array of features to ensure you never lose video. Enjoy real-time health monitoring of all your devices, hard-drive mirroring, internal battery backups and more.

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Gain competitive advantage

Get a complete view of your business with March Networks Searchlight video-based business intelligence solution. Use Searchlight’s powerful combination of video surveillance, analytics and POS transaction data to understand customer behavior, conduct operational audits, and assess and improve marketing, customer service and store performance. Available in an on-premise deployment or as a cloud-based solution.

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Advanced POS integration

Integrate your March Networks video surveillance system with your POS system for valuable transaction analysis and reporting tools. Go beyond exception-based reports with business analytics that scour your transaction data for irregular activity, and provide real-time alerts about suspicious behavior.

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Leverage your RFID investment

Get loss prevention and inventory management together in one solution with our Searchlight-RFID integration. By combining high-definition video surveillance with RFID data, this integration helps you investigate losses faster, track and manage inventory more effectively and gain unprecedented insights into your business.

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Who we serve

IP video surveillance solutions that fit your business.

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a girl with a uniform and hat on stands behind a fast-food counterQuick Service Restaurants

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A row of greenhousesCannabis Industry

The outside of a Rent-A-Center location. Rent-A-Center uses March Networks video surveillance.
A Rent-A-Center female employee sits at a desk with another woman, doing paperwork.

Case Study: March Networks video drives profitability for Rent-A-Center

“We have 330 district managers across the country…so we use the March Networks Operations Audit to capture a high resolution image from each store every morning. That report can be automatically distributed once-per-week to the district managers so they can quickly see their stores and assess how each looks at opening. Based on the report and images, managers can pick up the phone and have a discussion if there’s an issue with the store image, merchandising or if promotional signage hasn’t been properly executed.”

Brian Peacock,
Director, Asset Protection, U.S. Operations, Rent-A-Center


Retail Solutions Brochure

Gain competitive advantage with March Networks Retail Solution

Searchlight Cloud Brochure

A platform providing data analytics paired with superior video surveillance for retail loss prevention and business optimization

Searchlight for Retail Datasheet

Reduce shrink and gather valuable business intelligence with Searchlight for Retail

Business Intelligence for Retailers

Improve the customer experience and increase profits

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