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March Networks Searchlight for Retail

Lighten your LP caseload

Inventory shrink cost retailers $46.8 billion in 2017, with shoplifting and organized retail crime accounting for a large percentage of those losses. Fight back with intelligent video that proactively alerts you to suspicious transactions and other potentially problematic activity in your stores. Just set Searchlight to find what you’re looking for – unusual voids or refunds at the point-of-sale (POS), or backdoor theft – and let the software do the rest.

Surveillance video of a woman at a fast food restaurant point of sale

Quickly locate suspicious transactions

With Searchlight’s advanced POS integration and analytics, you’ll enjoy lightning-fast investigations with tools that let you search by store location, employee, and transaction type or amount. Review full receipts with associated video for rapid verification of facts.

Now available as a hosted solution

Searchlight for Retail is now available as a hosted solution, making it faster and easier than ever to get started. With Searchlight for Retail as a service, March Networks deploys, manages and maintains the solution on your behalf with the help of your March Networks certified partner. All equipment health monitoring, upgrades, and system administration is performed by our trained Managed Services professionals, giving you more time to focus on your business. Choosing a hosted solution also speeds up the deployment of Searchlight, and eliminates the need to purchase and maintain a separate server.


Intelligent dashboards for at-a-glance insights

Searchlight’s user-friendly dashboards let you run customized reports to analyze transaction data, compare store performance, uncover trends and identify areas where further employee training or investments are required.

Generate business intelligence

Capture and analyze data on people counts, queue lengths/wait times, and service times by integrating the FLIR Brickstream 3D analytics sensor with Searchlight. Improve customer service and grow profits with valuable business insights.

March Networks Searchlight RFID Integration

Leverage your RFID investment

Enhance inventory tracking and loss prevention capabilities by combining your RFID data with high-definition surveillance video. This valuable integration lets you easily search for and locate RFID-tagged items by date, time, brand, product type, serial number or Electronic Product Code (EPC). You can then access the associated video with a single click to see exactly when and how an item entered or left a location.

the front of a Tommy Bahama store

Case Study

Tommy Bahama deploys March Networks Searchlight

“What would take an hour or more to find using our old video and exception reporting systems takes me just a minute or two to access with Searchlight. We’re saving literally hours a day, and the frustration factor is gone entirely.”

– Mark Anderson, Director of Loss Prevention and Operations, Tommy Bahama


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