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  • Highly accurate people counting, queue length and dwell time analytics
  • Ideal for complex, high traffic environments
  • Integrated with March Networks Searchlight to correlate data with video surveillance and deliver analysis on business trends, operations and performance

Highly accurate video analytics

Gather accurate, anonymous information on how people move into, around and out of physical places with the FLIR Brickstream® 3D video analytics sensor. This powerful, purpose-built device captures real-time data on customer traffic, queue lengths and service times, enabling organizations to better understand and improve service, promotional efforts and profitability.

a crowd of people walks down the sidewalkPeople counting
people wait in line at a coffee shopQueue length
a woman stands looking at shoes in a retail storeDwell/service time

High traffic? Dynamic lighting? No problem.

Other video analytics devices use 2-dimensional data, which can generate false counts in high traffic areas. The Brickstream 3D sensor uses advanced stereo vision technology to generate highly accurate data, even in busy crowds and areas with dynamic lighting conditions. The sensor can distinguish between children, adults, and other objects such as shopping carts, so you get the precise data you need to monitor customer behavior. Using patented technology, the device also collects time, location, height, speed, mass, and direction of travel, enabling sophisticated behavior analytics, beyond basic people counting capabilities.

March Networks 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs
a computer monitor displays March Networks’ Command Enterprise software

Integrated with Searchlight and 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs

The Bricksteam 3D sensor is fully integrated with March Networks Searchlight application software and 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs, allowing you to view your analytics data with high-definition video surveillance images and POS/ATM transaction data. With Searchlight’s easy-to-use reporting dashboards, you get at-a-glance insights into your organization’s overall operational health and day-to-day business performance.

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