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Superior video surveillance and business intelligence


  • Improve loss prevention efforts with POS transaction reports integrated with video
  • Oversee operations with video images from all of your store locations
  • Leverage people counting, queue length and dwell time analytics to improve customer experience and retail store transformation
  • Receive alerts about suspicious activity (motion detection, alarms, potential theft)

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Powerful retail loss prevention and data analytics tools

Shrinkage caused by employee theft, point-of-sale fraud and shoplifting all impact your bottom line. With Searchlight for Retail, you can rapidly detect suspicious behavior and minimize loss with video-based business intelligence. Match data with high-quality video for rapid investigations and business analysis.

Quickly analyze transaction data

Quickly analyze transaction data

Searchlight’s advanced search and investigation tools let you search across multiple stores simultaneously, and filter data by card number, transaction number, or transaction type. Match transactions with corresponding receipts and video snapshots to resolve customer disputes, verify facts or find evidence of theft.

Improve customer experience and increase productivity

Improve customer experience and increase productivity

Add the FLIR Brickstream 3D analytics sensor to Searchlight for Retail to capture highly accurate business intelligence analytics like people counts, queue lengths, wait times and service times. Searchlight incorporates these analytics with your POS transaction data, giving you powerful insight on business trends, as well as store operations and performance, data you can use for store transformation efforts. Searchlight’s KPI badges on the homescreen indicate the number of transactions, alerts and exceptions that the software has uncovered. Users can right click on each badge for more details.

Generating business intelligence

Searchlight for Retail integrates with several March Networks devices to deliver business intelligence that can help you improve customer service and loss prevention efforts.

FLIR Brickstream 3D

FLIR Brickstream 3D

VA2 Series Cameras

VA2 Series Cameras

X-Series Hybrid Recorders

X-Series Hybrid Recorders

See what’s happening in seconds

Keep tabs on all of your stores with Searchlight’s Operations Audit tool. Review video snapshots from the cameras at your stores to see what’s happening and discern operational issues, like store cleanliness, safety concerns, and placement of promotional displays. Create filters to show snapshots of certain times of the day – at desired locations – and narrow it down to a particular camera. Click on a thumbnail to view corresponding video, and export video clips with ease.

Command Mobile Plus

Check in on your store from wherever you are and get convenient access to live and recorded video from your personal smartphone or tablet. The smartphone application is synched with Searchlight’s Transactions Report and Operations Audit feature.

Reducing shrink with Searchlight

Nittany MinitMart speeds investigations with Searchlight for Retail.

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Searchlight for Retail Datasheet

Combine enterprise video management with intelligent software applications with Searchlight for Retail

Business Intelligence for Retailers

Improve the customer experience and increase profits

Command Mobile Datasheet

View live and recorded surveillance video from your smartphone or tablet with the Command Mobile smartphone app

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