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Command Mobile Plus 2.0 with POS Transaction Data Now Available

Command Mobile Plus 2.0 now allows retail customers using March Networks Searchlight to see their point-of sale (POS) transactions integrated with video on their smartphone or tablet using the app. This means retail customers can quickly verify voids, discounts or any other unusual transactions right from the app. The app is synched with Searchlight’s Transactions Report, so any reports set up in this desktop application will appear in Command Mobile Plus 2.0.

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New SE2 Fleet Series Mobile Cameras

Capture important details on all your transportation routes with the SE2 Fleet Dash Camera and the SE2 Fleet Wedge Camera.  These two new cameras have built-in LED Flicker Mitigation (LFM) that suppresses the “strobing” generated by vehicles, traffic lights, construction signs, railroad and other electronic signs that use LED light sources.

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product image of an se2 atm camera

New SE2 ATM Camera

Capture exceptionally clear surveillance video at ATMs with the SE2 ATM Camera. This compact covert camera delivers sharp megapixel images at close range from the inside of leading ATMs with an impressive 3ft (91cm) vertical view. Because they were specifically designed for bank machines, the cameras are easy to install, and won’t shift over time, ensuring you always capture the perfect field of view.


Product image of the SE4 Covert Camera

New SE4 Covert Camera 

Capture high-quality video surveillance discreetly, day or night, with the SE4 Covert Camera. This full-featured camera delivers crystal-clear 4MP images at close range thanks to Digital Overlap High Dynamic Range (DOL-HDR), and has a modular design with a separate encoder, allowing for concealment inside a wall or ceiling. The camera is ideal for organizations that need reliable, inconspicuous surveillance coverage.

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motion back door alert show on mobile phone

New March Networks Alert Communication Tool (ACT)

March Networks ACT is now available for order for customers who want real-time notifications, complete with video snapshots, sent via email or instant message. Notifications are based on alarms in March Networks Command Enterprise Software and can be configured on any March Networks recorder, or AI-based security alarms from our ME6 Series IP Cameras.

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Updated 5-Year Warranty
on IP Cameras

We are pleased to announce that we are extending our warranty on March Networks and Oncam-branded IP cameras from three years to five years. The new warranty provides additional options for Advance Replacement or Repair and Return and more. See our brochure for the complete list of cameras that are covered.

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C-12 Indoor and C-12 Outdoor Plus Cameras

Introducing the C-Series, a compact and powerful 360° camera line

Designed to support mission-critical video surveillance and security deployments, the Oncam C-Series provides the performance, resilience, scalability, and ease of use required of advanced 360° fisheye solutions. Market-leading framerates, StreamLite compression, TrueDetail HDR, and advanced light management technology are combined into a compact body to offer an intuitive and user-friendly product.

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New Health Compliance Solution

We are excited to announce the new March Networks Health Compliance Solution. Due to COVID-19, businesses are adjusting their business practices to meet new health and safety regulations. The solution delivers a suite of new features to help banks, retailers, restaurants, schools and other businesses monitor and measure occupancy in real-time, rapidly detect individuals who may have an elevated body temperature, and ensure compliance with new cleaning and sanitization procedures.

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Health Compliance Solution Brochure

Get real-time visual alerts on building occupancy, elevated body temperatures and health and safety procedures

Insight Monitoring and Resolution Service

A cloud-based service that provides video network visibility, asset control, system health, and SLA performance management

C-12 Indoor Camera Datasheet

Powerful, compact camera with a diameter of only 3.6 in, built upon Oncam’s expertise in 360-degree IP video technology

C-12 Outdoor Plus Camera Datasheet

Powerful, compact camera with a diameter of only 3.6 in, built upon Oncam’s expertise in 360-degree IP video technology

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