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Major software release, MN.2019.2.0, now available

The latest releases of our Command and recorder software are now available for download from the March Networks Partner Portal.

This major software release (MN.2019.2.0) includes new features and functionality including support for up to 500 cameras in Command Recording Software. It further includes the ability to interface with Command Client via the March Networks Keyboard, and well as several enhancements to Command Enterprise’s administrative features.

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a computer monitor displays the Command video management software user interface.

9000 Series IP Recorders with RAID5 with Hot Spares

We are pleased to offer 9000 Series IP Recorders supporting RAID5 with automatic hot spares for enhanced reliability.

Hot spares act as standby drives in RAID5 configurations, providing additional backup and removing the need to physically replace the drive.

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the 32, 48 and 64-channel models of March Networks 9000 Series IP Recorders

New SE4 Series IP Cameras

We are pleased to introduce our new SE4 Series IP Cameras, offering advanced features to capture critical details in all lighting conditions.

The cameras all feature High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology and 4MP resolution, the perfect amount to capture important details like facial features, bill denominations or license plates in outdoor situations. All models also incorporate March Networks’ convenient low bit rate (LBR) setting that can reduce storage and bandwidth consumption by as much as 50% in most applications.

The lineup includes:

  • The SE4 IR DuraBullet – featuring built-in smart IR technology that can illuminate objects over 130 feet (40 metres) away. Also offers a rugged, all-metal vandal-resistant (IK10) enclosure
  • The SE4 Outdoor IR Dome – featuring a P-Iris, a 2.7-12mm lens, and IR LEDs
  • The SE4 IR MicDome – a small form factor camera with IR and a built-in microphone, available with an optional wall mount and 2.8mm or 4.0mm lens
  • The SE4 Indoor IR Dome – an indoor dome featuring built-in IR and HDR as well as an optional EMT mount for high ceilingdrop installations

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The SE4 Series IP Camera family

New SE2 IR MicroBullet

We’ve expanded our SE2 Series IP Camera portfolio to include a new full featured 2.7-12mm micro-bullet camera.

The SE2 IR MicroBullet features a compact design with a rugged, weather-proof (IP66), vandal-resistant (IK10) enclosure. Featuring 2MP resolution and High Dynamic Range, the camera captures very sharp, detailed images, even in the dark thanks to its P-Iris lens and built-in IR, which provides uniform illumination of objects 50 feet (15 meters) away.

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The March Networks SE2 IR MicroBullet security camera

New smoked dome accessories

Smoked dome accessories are now available for the SE2 Indoor IR Dome, the SE2 Pendant PTZ 30X and the SE2 Flush PTZ 30X. Smoked domes are ideal for retail, banking and other environments where hiding a camera’s line of sight without obstructing the field-of-view can help deter potential crimes by making it difficult to see where a camera is pointing.

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Three March Networks security cameras with smoked domes

9000 Series Overview Chart

Technical specifications for the 32, 48 and 64-channel 9000 Series IP Recorders

SE2 IR MicroBullet Datasheet

2MP resolution with built-in IR LEDs, HDR and a rugged enclosure

SE4 IR DuraBullet Datasheet

4MP resolution with built-in IR LEDs, HDR and a rugged enclosure.

SE4 Outdoor IR Dome

4MP resolution, IR LEDs, a P-Iris and 2.7-12mm lens

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