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a computer monitor displays the Command Enterprise video management software user interface


  • Supports thousands of video recorders and video channels
  • Centralized system and user management
  • Advanced, system-wide health monitoring
  • Multi-level, user access privileges
  • Mass firmware and configuration updates
  • VMware High Availability and LDAP/Active Directory integrations
  • Remote access to live and recorded video with March Networks Command Mobile app
  • Also available as a cloud-managed solution
  • Pair with March Networks Alert Communication Tool (ACT) to receive real-time visual notifications (alarms and actions) to third-party IoT devices

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Simplify video surveillance system administration

Efficiently manage complex video surveillance system architecture with March Networks’ Command Enterprise. This multi-server software solution dramatically simplifies the day-to-day job of video system administration with a host of convenient tools and features that ensure optimal system performance. Command Enterprise is ideal for large, multi-site organizations with hundreds or even thousands of surveillance cameras and network video recorders (NVRs).

the Command Enterprise Software System Overview user interface, showing the video surveillance devices connected to a network and their health status.

Ensure optimal system performance with health monitoring and alerts

Ensure all your cameras and NVRs are connected and recording, and keep an eye on possible issues like hard drive failures, with Command Enterprise’s convenient real-time health monitoring. The software’s System Overview provides a summary of the status of your network and all cameras, recorders, and peripherals so you can quickly address any issues and ensure all devices are in good working order.

Three servers side-by-side.

Prefer a cloud-based approach?

Setting up a new server can be a daunting and costly task. You can avoid the overhead expense of purchasing a server, plus the ongoing cost and resources required to maintain it, by letting March Networks host your Command Enterprise Server for you.

In addition to setting up your server and hosting it in the cloud, March Networks will add users to your system, ensure your system platform is appropriately sized with enough disk space for your needs, and perform ongoing Command Enterprise Server maintenance.

ACT alert on mobile and desktop view

Real-time notifications with video snapshots

Pair Command with the March Networks Alert Communication Tool (ACT) for convenient real-time visual alerts about your business.

March Networks ACT delivers notifications to third-party devices like instant message, email and smart lighting systems so you can receive immediate notifications about after-hours events like motion alarms. Video snapshots clearly display what triggered the alarm.

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Customizable user interface diagram

Complete control with flexible, customizable user management

Customize Command Enterprise’s user interface so each person in your organization sees only what he or she needs to perform the job. System administrators can easily track user activity and system access with detailed reports on each user’s operations, resources accessed and updates performed. For added convenience, Command’s user management supports setup via LDAP/Microsoft Active Directory LDAP integration so you can import accounts from your corporate directory.

Command Enterprise illustration

Save time with mass firmware and configuration updates

Decrease time on setup and configuration with Command Enterprise’s mass management features. Quickly push out configuration settings, as well as new firmware and device settings to all March Networks recorders and cameras in just minutes.

Woman using laptop and mobile phone to view Operations Audit as a Service

New video auditing service now available

For March Networks Command Enterprise Cloud Management customers, we are now offering Operations Audit as a Service, which provides you with automated emails showing a series of snapshot images from your preferred cameras at the most critical times of the day.

With this service, our March Networks team sets up and configures the Operations Audit images to display within our Command Enterprise Software. We also configure the system to send automated daily email reports displaying the images, so you can easily see what’s happening at each of your locations, discern operational issues and improve performance.

Command shared case management graphic– an illustration showing 2 people at their desks, on different sites of the country. Both are viewing and saving files to Command Media Archiver via the cloud.
Case management main blog image – a security guard sits in front of three computer monitors displaying video surveillance images.

BlogGet cloud video backup with Command Enterprise’s shared case management

Starting with Command Enterprise 2.5, video clips, notes and images made into case files can be backed up to the cloud, allowing users to access them from any location with an Internet connection.


A security officer sits in front of computers displaying video surveillance images and the Command Enterprise VMS.

BlogSave time and money with an enterprise VMS solution

Enterprise video surveillance involves far more than just recording video with NVRs/DVRs or a VMS; it’s about both recording and the management and maintenance of the entire video system. A true enterprise VMS solution can save you time and money by ensuring all of your recording devices are running optimally around the clock so you never have to worry about losing video.


A computer monitor displays people counting analytics data in March Networks Searchlight software.

Add Searchlight for business intelligence

Combine Command’s reliable video management with the powerful search and investigation tools of March Networks Searchlight to target fraud, speed investigation times, and gather business intelligence.

Learn more about March Networks tools & resources

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The March Networks Command suite of video management tools

Command Enterprise Software Datasheet

Advanced system management software for enterprise applications

Command Client

A powerful software client featuring a customizable user interface

Operations Audit as a Service Datasheet

A video auditing service, delivered via email, for March Networks hosted customer

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