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How Video-Based Business Intel Improves the Customer Experience  

May 18, 2018 – As bank transformation continues to gain momentum, we're seeing more examples of  'banks of the future' - typically designed to be more open and inviting, with comfortable seating areas, more ATMs or ITMs and fewer teller stations. What you won’t see is a host of behind-the-scenes advanced technologies that banks are now deploying to optimize the customer experience. Chief among these are intelligent video solutions that integrate surveillance video with analytics, RFID and other data sources. Not only do these video solutions provide valuable insights into branch trends and performance, they also make it possible to track and analyze how customers behave and what they experience when they enter a bank branch or ATM vestibule. March Networks' Dan Cremins shares more on the technologies supporting banks of the future in this article in the ABA Banking Journal.

Knacks for Successful Video Recording  

May 18, 2018 – NVR programming and configuration has the potential to make or break the effectiveness of end users' video surveillance systems. March Networks' recording platforms product manager Ken Maughan, shares his expertise and tips on NVR setup with SDM Magazine.

New March Networks SE2 Series IP Cameras Deliver 1080p Video Resolution, Optimum Performance and Value

Features including built-in IR, extra-wide FOV, hallway mode, and low bit rate ensure clear video capture in indoor and outdoor applications

May 16, 2018OTTAWA, ON –– March Networks®, a global provider of intelligent IP video solutions, is pleased to introduce its SE2 Series IP Cameras. The new camera line delivers 1080p video and a comprehensive range of advanced features for indoor and outdoor applications. It also incorporates a smart low bit rate (LBR) setting that reduces bandwidth and storage consumption by 50% or more, making the SE2 Series IP cameras a cost-effective option for businesses with dozens or hundreds of surveillance cameras.

March Networks Achieves Certification for Cybersecure Business Practices

May 8, 2018Ottawa, ON –– March Networks®, a global provider of intelligent video solutions, is proud to be one of the first companies in Canada to become Cyber Essentials Canada certified, designating it as a cybersecure business. Developed as part of the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Programme, the Cyber Essentials certification is awarded to organizations able to demonstrate good cybersecurity practices and an ability to mitigate risks from Internet-based threats in areas including: firewalls, routers and other boundary security devices; Internet-connected email, web and application servers; desktop PCs and laptops; and cloud, Internet and other service providers.

How Do Privacy Issues And GDPR Impact Physical Security Systems?  

May 3, 2018 – Unease about how Facebook and other companies use and share data dominates the news, and the full impact of new European Union (EU) regulations is about to be felt around the world. By May 25, companies that collect data on EU citizens will need to comply with strict new rules around protecting customer data, as enumerated in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Peter Strom, March Networks President and CEO, shares his insights on GDPR in SecurityInformed's Expert Panel Roundtable.  

March Networks Introduces New Dashboards and Reporting Capabilities in Searchlight Business Intelligence Software

April 11, 2018LAS VEGAS, NV –– March Networks®, a global provider of intelligent video solutions, is pleased to introduce the next evolution of its powerful Searchlight software. Used by leading banks and retail organizations worldwide to extract valuable information on customer service, merchandising, operations, compliance and more, March Networks Searchlight helps businesses improve performance and profitability. Integrating clear surveillance video, business data and highly-accurate analytics, the software also enables organizations to proactively detect fraud and theft, and reduce investigation times by as much as 90%.

March Networks Expands Innovative HD Analog Video Solution with New, Easy-Mount CA2 Series Cameras

April 11, 2018LAS VEGAS, NV –– March Networks®, a global provider of intelligent video solutions, is pleased to introduce its new CA2 Series HD analog cameras. A complement to the company’s 8724 V Tribrid NVR and HD analog offering, the cameras enable organizations to capture sharp 1080p video over existing coaxial cable without the cost and disruption typically required to upgrade to Cat5/6. They also come with multiple mounts, including an innovative drop ceiling mount that cuts installation times by 50% or more.

Integrative and Reliable Smart NVRs  

March 27, 2018 – Network video recorders are becoming more intelligent than ever, equipped with various smart and AI functions to meet end users' objectives. But at the same time, these NVRs are also integrative – an important feature amid the IoT trend – as well as reliable, keeping losses to a minimum. March Networks shares its take on smart NVRs in this A&S International article.
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