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March Networks Introduces AI Series Smart Cameras: Enhancing Security and Business Intelligence with Edge Analytics

New AI4 Camera Elevates Surveillance with Precision Edge Analytics for Accuracy and Comprehensive Business Intelligence

Ottawa, Canada (March 20, 2024) –– March Networks®, a global leader in intelligent video solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking AI Series smart cameras. This innovative product line, led by the AI4 camera, enhances security and Business Intelligence with its advanced AI analytics and superior image quality. 

In an industry where the accuracy of analytics at the edge has been a persistent challenge, leading to false positive alerts and unnecessary time spent on verification, March Networks presents a solution that stands out for its precision and reliability. The AI4 smart camera is designed to deliver not just superior video quality in all lighting conditions, but also more accurate, actionable data, significantly reducing false alarms and saving valuable time and resources for users. 

The launch of the AI4 marks a significant step in March Networks’ strategy to develop smarter edge devices. This new camera enhances the company’s Searchlight Cloud Business Intelligence platform by supporting high-resolution scene analysis and integrating analytics metadata, offering advanced solutions to real-world problems. Searchlight Cloud elevates analytics metadata, transforming it into unparalleled Business Intelligence insights. 

Key customer use cases include: 

  • Reduce fines and ensure compliance with alarm configuration for blocked exits. 
  • Address sudden or unexpected security threats with real-time alerts for crowd detection. 
  • Improve wait times and overall customer experience with traffic insights like people counting and line crossing. 
  • Protect your customers, staff and reputation with loitering detection.  
  • Improve efficiency and service with drive-thru analytics like vehicle counting, and dwell time monitoring. 
  • Minimize false alarms and protect your business with accurate people and face detection. 

Key Features of the AI4 Smart Camera: 

  • Superior Image Quality: Next-generation sensors ensure unparalleled picture clarity day and night, in any weather condition. 
  • Accurate Edge Analytics: With up to five types of analytic triggers available simultaneously, including intrusion, loitering, line crossing, unattended object, missing object, face, and crowd detection, the AI Series offers comprehensive security tailored to specific needs. 
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Unlike competitors, March Networks includes analytics functionality with the AI4 cameras, eliminating the need for additional licensing. 
  • Enhanced by Searchlight Cloud: Optimized for integration with March Networks’ Searchlight Cloud, the AI4 helps speed up incident verification and enriches user data, streamlining security operations.  

“March Networks is committed to innovation and excellence in the security and Business Intelligence industry,” said Peter Strom, President and CEO of March Networks. “With the addition of an advanced AI analytic camera to the March Networks portfolio, we are not just introducing a product but revolutionizing how businesses approach security and operational intelligence. The AI4 Camera, coupled with Searchlight Cloud and our Command Enterprise Video Management Software, is designed to provide our customers with a reliable, accurate, and cost-effective solution, ensuring peace of mind and a tangible return on investment.” 

The AI Series is more than just a smart camera; it is a comprehensive security solution that addresses the critical need for accurate, real-time analytics. By reducing false positives and enhancing video quality, March Networks is empowering businesses of all sizes and security professionals to focus on what truly matters – safeguarding their assets and optimizing their operations. 

The AI4 Camera, available in bullet and dome models for indoor and outdoor use, offers 4-megapixel and 5-megapixel quality (depending on 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio requirements). 

For more information on the AI Series Smart Camera and other March Networks solutions, visit: 

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