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Loss prevention and inventory management in one complete solution

Go beyond traditional inventory management with an intelligent solution that lets you see your inventory – any item or group of items, in its last captured location – with just a few clicks of your mouse.

By combining data from fixed Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) with high-definition surveillance video in March Networks Searchlight software, you can investigate losses faster, track and manage inventory more effectively and gain unprecedented insights into your business.

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Protect your assets

Concerned about stock loss? Uncover theft faster and reduce shrink more effectively by visually verifying the location of high-value items. Just enter the product type, serial number or Electronic Product Code (EPC) to access video of the item entering or leaving a location.

By incorporating video into your RFID asset tracking solution, you can gain additional insights and see the circumstances around the last time a product was read by an RFID reader.
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an illustration of a computer monitor showing March Networks Searchlight software

Improve inventory management

Leverage Searchlight’s powerful enterprise video management tools to locate missing items across your entire retail network. Our advanced integration lets you search centrally from any networked location and simultaneously across multiple locations, so you can see what’s happening at stores or warehouses across the globe.  Improve inventory management by combining RFID asset tracking with high-definition video surveillance and intelligent software applications.

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Unique solution

“With Searchlight-RFID, we can present a solution that solves a lot of problems, from loss prevention and asset protection to access control and inventory management. It’s a solution that the customer really can’t get anywhere else.”

– Andrew Montgomery, Director of Technology at Midwest Security Systems

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Unlock new business insights

Set up customized reports to analyze inventory flows, identify patterns and pinpoint suspicious activity. Searchlight’s user-friendly dashboards breakdown large amounts of data into simple, easy-to-read charts and graphs that deliver meaningful insights into your business.

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Download the datasheet or contact us to learn more about how integrated video and RFID data can help your business improve asset tracking and inventory management.

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