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  • All-IP recorders available in 4 and 6-camera models
  • Integrates with existing CAD and AVL systems to capture vehicle metadata like GPS, speed and hard braking incidents
  • Front-panel LEDs for easy diagnostics
  • Real-time health monitoring, remote live video access and data logging/search with March Networks Command for Transit
March Networks’ RideSafe MT Series recorder for the mobility transportation market

Ideal for mid-sized vehicles and paratransit fleets

Increase safety and reduce risk on-board your vehicles with the RideSafe MT Series IP Recorders. These all-IP units deliver reliable video surveillance recording and management in a compact, rugged design that is ideal for mid-sized vehicles like student shuttle buses and paratransit operators. Never worry about losing video with these purpose-built recorders’ Linux operating system, integrated power supply, battery backup and solid state electronics.

a campus shuttle bus drives near a university

Vehicle metadata integration

Easily gather operator-initiated tagged events and vehicle metadata such as GPS location, vehicle number and speed, for comprehensive oversight of driver behavior and detailed post-incident investigations. Watch this demo of Incident Search to learn more.

a section of the Command VMS software user interface displays a surveillance image from inside a bus with an image from outside the bus, and a map showing the GPS location of the bus.]
A computer monitor shows the Command for Transit user interface

Manage mobile and wayside together

Use the RideSafe MT Series IP Recorders with March Networks Command for Transit video management software for comprehensive oversight of your entire transportation network – including fleets, stations, depots and park-and-rides. Our enterprise-class video solution provides you with rapid search and archive capabilities, complete system health monitoring, and remote access to live video and vehicle information.

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