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March Networks Searchlight for Banking

Powerful fraud-fighting tools

Fraud from debit card scams like ATM skimming can cost your bank millions and damage its reputation. Protect your financial institutions with video-based business intelligence that puts you one step ahead of the fraudsters. Receive alerts to potential skimming or cash harvesting incidents or create automated daily reports on specific kinds of transactions. Match data with high-quality video evidence for rapid identification of suspects.

Quickly analyze transaction data

Searchlight’s advanced search and investigation tools let you search across multiple branches simultaneously, and filter data by card number, account number, or transaction type. Match transactions with corresponding receipts and video snapshots to resolve customer disputes, verify facts or find evidence of theft or fraud.

The Searchlight software user interface lists ATM transaction data and displays an image of a man in a car at an ATM.

Find specific transactions by date, time and card number and match with video evidence.

The Searchlight software user interface lists teller transaction data and displays an image of a woman at bank branch counter.

In this example, the Transactions Summary compares the number of ATM withdrawals (bottom left) with the number of credit card ATM transactions (bottom right) for each branch.

The Searchlight software user interface lists ATM withdrawal data and credit card transaction data

In this example, this Transaction Report lists all teller transactions > $500 at this branch; the corresponding receipt (bottom left) and video appear at the bottom of the screen.

Improve customer experience and increase productivity

Add the FLIR Brickstream 3D analytics sensor to Searchlight to capture highly accurate business intelligence analytics like people counts, queue lengths, wait times and service times. Searchlight incorporates these analytics with your bank’s teller and ATM data, giving you powerful insight on business trends, as well as in-branch operations and performance.

The Searchlight software user interface displays multiple video surveillance snapshots.

See what’s happening in seconds

Keep tabs on all of your branches with Searchlight’s operation and security audit tools. Review video snapshots from your cameras and manage your configured security alarms to rapidly respond to trespassing, loitering in vestibules, or property damage or theft.

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