• Optimize business results and improve customer satisfaction with insights into consumer and employee behavior
  • Drive profitability by leveraging analytics on marketing, operations and merchandising
  • Minimize loss and shrinkage and reduce investigation times with real-time health monitoring that alerts you to suspicious activity

Searchlight for Retail - Video

Take your business to the next level with March Networks Searchlight for Retail. Integrating high-quality surveillance video with point-of-sale (POS) transaction data and business and security analytics, Searchlight delivers powerful insights into key areas of your business. The software enables you to minimize loss and shrinkage, and increase revenue by improving marketing, operations and the customer experience.

Searchlight - People Counting

Gain Competitive Advantage

Searchlight uses data on people counts, queue lengths and dwell times from the March Networks MegaPX Indoor Analytics Dome to help you identify trends, improve customer service and more effectively manage your workforce. With Searchlight’s Business Analytics, you can see how many customers are waiting in line and for how long. Or, analyze your store’s occupancy, its peak and low volume traffic times, and then calculate conversion rates. Searchlight’s metrics also help you evaluate the success of marketing end-caps and promotions so your marketing team can improve product placements and maximize profit.

Searchlight - Backdoor Theft

Fight Fraud Faster

By integrating with your store’s central POS transaction server, Searchlight lets you conduct lightning fast searches across your organization. Compare and analyze transaction data with video to find instances of internal theft. With Searchlight’s Business Rules Summary, you can customize reports based on key performance metrics and view the information that’s most important to you, for example, all transactions that exceed a certain amount. Or, use the Security Audits tool to find suspicious behavior like backdoor theft, loitering or people entering restricted areas.

Searchlight - Operations Audit

Find and Address Costly Inefficiencies

See what’s happening in your stores with Searchlight’s Operations Audits. View thumbnail images from multiple cameras or locations to see if your business is clean and organized, if merchandise is properly displayed and if staff is following correct procedures. Evaluate employee performance, investigate issues with associated video and improve operational efficiency.