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  • 4, 8, 16, 24 and 32 channel models
  • Full hybrid capability, supporting both analog and IP or 100% IP video
  • NEW! 24-channel model supports HD analog, traditional analog and IP cameras
  • Built-in PoE (16 and 24-channel models)
  • Rack (R Series), stack (S Series) or wall-mount options
  • Embedded Linux operating system
image of March Networks 16-channel NVR

NEW! 24-Channel Recording Platform Supporting HD Analog

Our 24-channel tribrid NVR is ideal for mid-to large size businesses that are migrating from standard analog video to high-definition (HD) resolutions and above. This powerful recorder uses HD analog and PoE modules to support a variety of IP, HD analog and traditional analog video configurations, up to a maximum of 24 channels. With its space-saving wall-mount design and built-in camera power, the 8724 V Tribrid NVR is a convenient, cost-effective video recording solution.

image of March Networks 4-channel NVR
8704 S Hybrid NVR

4-Channel Recording Platform

Ideal for ATMs and other space-restricted areas, the 8704 S Hybrid NVR is a powerful recording platform with an impressive array of features including multi-level H.264 encoding, an internal battery backup and support for alternate stream recording.

two images of March Networks 8-channel NVRs
8508 S & 8708 S Hybrid NVR

8-Channel Recording Platform

With its small form factor chassis, the 8508 S and 8708 S Hybrid NVRs are perfect for smaller footprint locations and standalone kiosks. This 8-channel NVR includes the same powerful features as the 16 and 32-channel models, just in a smaller, tamper-proof enclosure.

March Networks 8716 P 16-channel hybrid recorder
8716 P Hybrid NVR

16-Channel Recording Platform with Built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE)

For an easier and more cost-effective transition to IP video, the 8716 P Hybrid NVR supports up to eight analog and eight IP cameras, or up to 16 IP cameras, with built-in PoE. A power budget of 64 watts is shared between eight PoE ports, accommodating up to five Class 3 devices.

image of March Networks 16-channel NVR
8516 S & 8516 R Hybrid NVR

16-Channel Recording Platform

Supporting up to 16 video channels, the 8516 S and 8516 R Hybrid NVR is a high-performance recording platform with impressive scale. Like all our NVR models, the 16-channel recorder is easy to install and service, and packed with features for enhanced productivity and video management.

the 8516 SR Series Hybrid NVR, a 16-channel network video recorder
8516 SR and RR Series Hybrid NVR

16-Channel Recording Platform with integrated RAID5

Available in rack mount (RR Series) or stack mount (SR Series) options, the 8516 Series Hybrid NVRs deliver worry-free coverage with integrated RAID5 for increased data protection. Like all March Networks 8000 Series recorders, this platform is Linux-based, and offers full hybrid capabilities allowing you to move from 100% analog to 100% IP cost-effectively and at your own pace.

image of March Networks 32-channel NVR
8532 S, 8532 R & 8732 R
Hybrid NVR

32-Channel Recording Platform

Our 32-channel recorder is purpose-built for larger installations with a powerful suite of video recording and management tools. Enjoy the same rock-solid reliability and best-in-class features as our other NVR models in a platform that can support as many as 16 analog and 16 IP cameras or a 32-channel all IP installation.

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