Airports and seaports are under intense daily pressure to safeguard passengers, facilities and cargo.  Our IP video and hybrid recording solutions are more than up to the challenge, delivering robust surveillance and monitoring.

Wide-Scale Management

Get unlimited scalability and video management with our Command VMS software. Working seamlessly with IT standard servers or our industry-leading hybrid NVRs, Command delivers all the functionality you need via a browser-based user interface. Want more? Our megapixel IP cameras provide detailed image clarity in varying lighting conditions, including terminals and outdoor environments.

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Security Alerts

Our centralized video management software, IP cameras and hybrid NVRs allow you to identify and address potential threats immediately through real-time alerts trigged by motion or camera tampering. Receive a notification if your camera has moved, if something is blocking its view, or if there’s unauthorized activity in restricted areas.

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Operational Efficiency

From baggage and parking facility monitoring to operations management, the sky’s the limit with our IP video solutions. Find out how leading airports and seaports are using their March Networks systems to work smarter and improve customer service.

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“It was a very rigorous tendering process. We narrowed it down to three or four systems, put them to the test and March Networks came out on top.”

Tim Morris, Operations Manager, Christchurch International Airport

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Christchurch International Airport