Critical infrastructure operations are often very expensive to build, widely-dispersed, and difficult and costly to secure. That’s why our IP video solutions are designed for high reliability, remote video management and come with integrated analytics that save valuable time and resources.

Scalable Video Surveillance

You can manage any number of remote sites from a central security or operations center with our Command video management system (VMS). Working in tandem with our highly reliable hybrid NVRs or encoders and onsite IT servers, our solutions support both analog and IP camera recording and varying camera counts.

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Integrated Analytics

Take advantage of our integrated intrusion detection analytics to reduce costly video transmission. Security staff only need to upload video or images when an alert is triggered, allowing them to quickly view what’s happening at a remote site and take action if needed.

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Optimized for Low Bandwidth

The multi-encoding available with our IP cameras and encoders makes the most of limited bandwidth networks. With multi-encoding, you can record high-resolution video onsite with one stream and use the second to send low-bandwidth video to a central location when required. Combined with H.264 compression, it results in additional cost-savings for your organization.

“We selected the March Networks solution for its high reliability, remote video management and integrated analytics, which combine to provide the security intelligence our customers need to guarantee uninterrupted solar energy production.”

Paolo Matarrese, Campus s.r.l.

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Solar Fields Campus