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Is poor service driving away your bank or credit union customers?

A full 20% of U.S consumers surveyed have switched banks in the past due to poor in-branch services. If your financial institution wants to improve its customer experience, IP video surveillance can help. By using high-definition video integrated with your teller/ATM data and intelligent analytics, you can quickly scan your branch operations, and gather valuable insights that can help you identify and improve service levels. Consider the following:

In 2018, 73% of Americans banked at a local retail branch

Brick and mortar banking is still incredibly popular

Despite the growth of digital banking, the majority of U.S consumers surveyed (including Millennials) are still banking at physical bank branches or ATMs. But customers are demanding better in-branch services, including shorter wait times and better looking facilities.

46% of banking consumers think waiting more than five minutes for service is unreasonable

Evaluate and improve customer wait times

Almost half of Americans surveyed don’t want to wait more than 5 minutes for banking services. Intelligent IP video surveillance can deliver accurate statistics on customer wait times, including anyone who has waited beyond an acceptable limit (as defined by your bank branch.) Managers can access daily reports showing when wait times are exceeded, and use video to investigate each event.

70% of consumers would be inclined to switch banks based on branch presentation

Bank branch presentation is important to your customers

Americans like their banks to be clean and tidy, and will consider switching banks if their local branch doesn’t meet expectations. By accessing high-definition video snapshots of your bank, you can quickly scan the appearance of branches, assess operational issues, discern whether marketing and promotional materials are in place, and identify and improve issues.

63% of Americans noticed a fraudulent transaction before their bank

Bank customers want faster notifications about fraud

Quickly notifying customers about potentially fraudulent activity affecting their accounts is an important part of service delivery. Banks have room to improve here, with 63% of Americans saying they noticed a fraudulent transaction before their bank. Intelligent IP video can help banks and credit unions rapidly detect fraud with alerts about suspicious transactions.

94% feel more secure with video surveillance

Widespread support for video surveillance in banks

The vast majority of U.S. consumers want to see video surveillance in their local bank branch, and 93% would choose a bank with surveillance cameras over one without. Given this widespread support, financial institutions must consider how well they are leveraging their current video systems. The benefits of IP video surveillance extend far beyond security, and can help banks improve operations and customer service, ultimately improving profitability.

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For nearly a decade, March Networks has helped banks and credit unions around the globe enhance security, reduce losses from fraud and operate more efficiently. The company’s financial solutions include enterprise-class IP, tribrid and hybrid video recording and management platforms, high-definition IP cameras, video analytics, fraud detection and prevention applications, and outstanding professional services. These solutions are proven in 600+ financial institutions in more than 70 countries.

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The Consumer Banking Habits and Security 2018 survey was conducted in January 2018 by Ipsos Research on behalf of March Networks®. March Networks is a leading provider of intelligent IP video solutions used by more than 500 financial institutions worldwide to enhance security, combat fraudulent losses, mitigate risks, and improve customer service and operations with video-based business intelligence.

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