• Detect ATM skimming, cash harvesting, and suspicious withdrawal patterns faster
  • Reduce investigation time and costs, and gather stronger case evidence for successful resolution and prosecution
  • Use people counting, queue length and dwell time analytics to increase customer satisfaction and improve branch performance
  • Available as part of our browser-based Command Client for convenient video and case management

Searchlight for Banking - Video

Banks and credit unions can dramatically improve their fraud defenses with March Networks Searchlight for Banking.

Our video-based business intelligence solution integrates high-quality surveillance video and analytics with ATM/teller transaction information. Searchlight enables investigators to conduct centralized searches across their entire organization – reducing investigation times and costs, strengthening case evidence and cutting fraudulent losses dramatically.

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Detect ATM Skimming and Cash Harvesting

Detect fraud faster and stop it sooner with Searchlight. By integrating with your secure central server, Searchlight enables investigators to search across multiple locations simultaneously and find fraud in one or more branches. The software scours ATM/teller transaction data and combines the power of analytics to quickly alert investigators to potential incidents of ATM skimming and cash harvesting. Investigators can review individual transactions with associated video, or compare transaction summaries over time to look for trends and identify irregularities.

Customers lined up at a bank teller

Improve Branch Performance

Optimize your workforce and identify opportunities to improve customer service with Searchlight’s people counting and queue length monitoring analytics. Gather metrics on all of your branches occupancy rates and speed of service with our MegaPX Indoor Analytics Dome. Searchlight uses metadata from the camera to spot trends in customer and employee behavior. Learn the number of customers entering and exiting your branch, identify your busiest days of the week, and determine if customer lineups are too long. With Searchlight’s valuable business intelligence, you can easily adjust staffing levels to improve service and increase customer satisfaction.

Searchlight for Banking display screen with thumbnail video images from an operations audit

Maximize Marketing Efforts

Assess and adjust promotional materials, track self-serve kiosk usage and compare the success of marketing efforts across all locations with Searchlight’s valuable business insights. See how long a customer lingers in front of a display, and then review teller data to evaluate the success of the specific campaign. With regular thumbnail snapshots from across your branches, you can also spot-check the placement of advertisements and adjust them for maximum performance.