• Wide Dynamic Range
  • True Day/Night camera and IR corrected lens
  • Shock and vibration hardened
  • Dust and humidity protected

With our Mobile Solution, a one-hour clip from 6 cameras recorded at 4 fps, CIF resolution takes less than 5 minutes to download!

Our mobile peripheral devices enable transit authorities to record vehicle location, speed and audio, as well as manually-triggered alarms and high collision impact incidents. They include:

  • A GPS module and antenna that integrates video and vehicle location
  • An 802.11g antenna to support automated wireless video downloading and software updates
  • A vehicle microphone for recording audio onboard a bus or light-rail train
  • A dashboard-mounted status LED and alarm module that allows drivers to tag video during an incident so it is automatically downloaded when the vehicle approaches a wireless hot spot. The module’s green LED also lets drivers know that cameras and the system are functioning normally
  • A 3D accelerometer module, which tags video segments associated with sharp turns, hard braking, aggressive driving or impacts for rapid wireless downloading

Part of a complete March Networks mobile solution, the peripherals work seamlessly with our mobile digital video recorders – providing transit authorities with the additional functionality they need for enhanced situational awareness and security.

GPS Module and Antenna

GPS Module and Antenna
  • High-performance GPS module and antenna
  • Outputs very accurate location, speed and time data*
  • Direct connection to mobile DVRs
  • Roof mount ready

* Read our Global Positioning System Accuracy whitepaper to learn more.

802.11g Wireless Antenna

802.11g Wireless Antenna
  • 2400-2500 MHz frequency range
  • Gain 3dB
  • N connector for direct mobile DVR transmission
  • 802.11g receiver built into mobile DVRs
  • Roof mount ready


  • 20Hz – 20kHz frequency range
  • Impedance 75Ω balanced
  • Two microphone inputs per mobile DVR
  • Ceiling or wall mount

Status LED and Tag Module

Status LED and Tag Module
  • Three status and tag/alarm button models
  • Power 0.53 W
  • Continous green LED indicates system recording status
  • LED off indicates camera obstruction or system fault
  • Tag/alarm button marks video segment for download

3D Accelerometer Module

3D Accelerometer Module
  • Acceleration associated with left and right turning, hard braking, aggressive driving and impact sensor
  • Direct alarm input to mobile DVRs
  • Alarm tags video segment upon impact

Whether your fleet consists of standard, articulated or even double-decker buses, our mobile solutions have you covered.

Typical Bus Deployment:

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