March Networks players enable third-party organizations, such as police and the judiciary, to quickly review important video/audio evidence without our licensed client software. These players provide full-featured capabilities and run automatically – no setup required!

All March Networks media clips contain a secure hash (SHA-1) to detect tampering. Any editing of a media clip will invalidate the authentication and may render the file unsuitable for court purposes. Video clip authentication is included in our players.

Please Note: The Evidence Reviewer and Release 4 Player do not support video playback in third-party applications, such as Windows Media Player or Apple QuickTime. Should you require such support, please contact our Technical Support team for assistance.

Evidence Reviewer

Use our free, full-featured Evidence Reviewer to playback video clips and associated audio from any March Networks 8000 Series Hybrid NVR or previous generation 3000, 4000, 4000 C or 4000 LC Series hybrid video recorder running Release 5 Visual Intelligence software.

Read the Tech Tip: How to Playback a Video Clip from an R5 Recorder

Download Evidence Reviewer

Release 4 Player

Use our free Release 4 Player for all media retrieved from March Networks 5000 Series Mobile Digital Video Recorders.

Download Release 4 Player