IP video surveillance is playing an ever-increasing role in the overall security efforts of governments worldwide. Whether tasked with safeguarding a high-profile tourist site, political offices or a municipal water treatment facility, you can rely on our solutions to enhance surveillance and alert security staff to potential threats.

Operational Intelligence

Our solutions support live video monitoring from any networked location, including security operations centers fitted with video walls and any number of display monitors. Add to that a range of video analytics that automatically alert authorities to suspicious activity, such as bags left unattended, unauthorized entries into restricted areas, or camera tampering, and your operational intelligence is increased significantly.

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High-Quality Video

Access clear, high-quality video and synchronized audio evidence easily with our Command VMS and browser-based client software. You can quickly share the recorded data with law enforcement using any conventional viewing software. Video evidence is clear and security-sealed for authentication purposes.

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Operations and Customer Service

Our IP video solutions also help deter theft and vandalism, resolve complaints and ensure compliance with health and safety standards. They can alert staff to a blocked fire exit, for example, or detect someone loitering in a sensitive area. These operational applications can save you considerable effort and help combat false liability claims.

“You don’t have to have someone staring at a monitor all day. With video analytics, the system can monitor an avenue of approach or a boundary and sound an audible alarm to alert you.”

Master Sergeant Jim Wright, Eglin Air Force Base

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Eglin Air Force Base