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Protect employees, customers and assets

As a global leader in IP video surveillance and business intelligence applications, March Networks helps grocery stores improve security, protect their assets and gather valuable insights that can enhance profitability. Some of the largest grocers in the world trust March Networks for highly reliable video surveillance recording and management. Our portfolio of recorders, IP cameras, video management and business intelligence software can help you build a true end-to-end solution for your business.

Our portfolio also now delivers a suite of new features to help grocery stores manage COVID-19 risks by measuring occupancy in real-time, rapidly detecting individuals who have an elevated body temperature, and ensuring compliance with new cleaning and sanitization procedures.

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Real-time occupancy management

Honor physical distancing rules by counting the number of people entering and exiting your store and get real-time, visual alerts when occupancy limits are exceeded. Our Searchlight solution tracks the number of people entering your doors and displays the data on a local color-coded monitor. The user-configurable solution lets you decide how and when you’re alerted. For example, you can set rules so that green means your occupancy count is ok, yellow warns you’re approaching the threshold, and red indicates you’ve exceeded the limit.

Real-time alerts

Once you’ve exceeded your occupancy threshold, you’ll receive an email or SMS allowing you to react in real time. And, if you’re managing multiple locations, you can see all of the data logged in a central location to help respond to problems from afar.

Smart hue lightbulb is shown in red and the corresponding Searchlight screen is also showing a red screen to demonstrate store occupancy has been exceeded.

Visible in-store integration

In addition to displaying occupancy data on a local monitor, our solution also integrates with smart hue lightbulbs. Install them at your entrance and exit for another visual indicator of occupancy. Similar to Searchlight/Command, the lights can be configured to change color based on your local occupancy limits.

Man washing his hands with dome camera overhead.

Video-enabled health and safety audits

Ensure your employees are following health and safety procedures by automatically capturing video each time someone washes their hands. Sort each instance by date, time and location to ensure handwashing compliance, and to see if employees are adhering to the prescribed guidelines. You can also monitor other business procedures from a distance. Ensure physical barriers, like sneeze guards, are installed and that high-touch points are being regularly sanitized.

To make monitoring easier, get automated Operations Audits with video snapshots sent to your email up to three times per day.

Receive real-time alerts about elevated body temperatures

Searchlight integrates with leading third-party devices, like thermal cameras, to send real-time email and SMS alerts when someone enters your establishment with an elevated temperature.

Watch corresponding video to quickly identify the individual and take appropriate action. Filter by site or by camera to investigate specific alerts, or see all alerts in dashboard format to identify trends. By viewing all aggregated data on your monitor in a central dashboard, you can rapidly respond to locations that present the highest risks.

March Networks ME6 Series cameras, Searchlight for Retail software and 9000 series network video recorder

About March Networks

Over 300 retailers worldwide trust March Networks IP video solutions, including the world’s largest video installation. We help grocery stores and food distributors transform video into business intelligence through the integration of surveillance video, analytics, and data from point-of-sale (POS) systems and IoT devices. Grocery stores worldwide use our video surveillance solutions to improve efficiency and compliance, reduce losses and risk, and enhance customer service.

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Coborn’s Inc.

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Woolworths Supermarket

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Compass Group

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Health Compliance Solution Brochure

Get real-time visual alerts on building occupancy, elevated body temperatures and health and safety procedures

March Networks Alert Communication Tool (ACT) Datasheet

Real-time alarm notification with video snapshots

Searchlight for Retail Datasheet

Combine enterprise video management with intelligent software applications with Searchlight for Retail

FLIR Brickstream® 3D Gen2 Datasheet

The FLIR Brickstream 3D is an analytics sensor that captures and analyzes business intelligence data

*For thermal imaging camera technology to be effective at elevated body temperature detection, it must be deployed in specific conditions and processes. We recommend customers consult the FDA’s guidelines for the greatest accuracy with these devices.

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